1640p speed decreased after using 16x disc

Hi folks

I recently got a new tub of Taiyo Yuden’s (dvd -R 16x).

I tried to burn about 4 gigs of data but it took 12 minutes, which is twice as long as normal when using 8x discs. The burn quality was fine but time had doubled. When burning in nero it says it’s going at 16x but I know that’s not actually correct.

I then thought I should have updated my drive’s firmware (although thought it was already 16x capable). I’ve now updated it but still getting burns taking about 12 minutes for pretty much a full disc.

My drive is a Philips dvdr1640P and now has firmware P3.7

I’ve tried reducing the burn speed in Nero to 12x (still takes 12 mins)
Also tried burning with imgburn but that took even longer.

By putting in a 16x disc before updating firmware have I bust my max drive speed? If so, can it be fixed?

Any help is much appreciated…

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Are you burning an image (ISO/NRG) or files?

If you don’t mind wasting a media, please download Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.60 (click here), insert your TY -R 16x media, click “Create Disc” and then Start. Save the scan in PNG (how to) and please post it here. The graph will represent your system performance during burn.

Please also list your system specs.

thanks Zevia

My specs are

cpu - Pentium 3 550 MHz
bus speed - 100MHz
motherboard - micro-star MS-6183
system - micro-star MS-6183
bios - AMI 62710
memory - 128MB
OS - win98se
State of the art stuff eh!

I’ve hopefully attached a copy of the scan as requested. Also, I was burning an iso when getting the 12 minute timescale. Maybe trying to burn at 16x with the above specs just isn’t going to happen. If there’s any more info I can give please ask, and thanks for any further input you can give.

It just seems like before using a 16x speed disc I was able to burn a full disc in 6 - 7 minutes using 8x disc. And now I can only burn a full disc in 12 minutes…whether using 16x or 8x.

Thanks again…