1640¨s solidburn

I need your help about my brother´s 1640. Iwas testing it but when i look its qsuite1.1, It shows me only WOPC (enable or disable), but i don´t know if solid burn is enable or not. Can you tell me how to know it?
I had a problem with a piece of PRINCO media ( little jumps) and I have no idea if It´s cause of the SB. Thank you very much.

If you don’t see Solid Burn options in QSuite, then you need to upgrade your 1640 firmware. Solid Burn is supported on 1640 with firmware BSKB or newer.

I would guess the problem with Princo is not because of SolidBurn but it’s the media itself. Try another media, a good one this time (TY or Verbatim). :slight_smile: If you cannot find TY or Verbatim in your area or they are too expensive, give us a list of media you can find and I’m sure our knowledgable members could give you advise which ones are better.

Hi :slight_smile:
Make sure your using the latest version of QSuite too. You can click link in my sig for both QSuite & the manual.

My fw is latest BSOB, AND TYGO2 doesn´t like very much to 1640(I think taht some mid´s could be wrong, because to my friends can´t read what they burnt)

Thanks zebadee, that can be the reason .
But, i changed the 1640´s fw to latest BSOB, do you know if SB was enable before and if si st enable after the changing?

For BenQ drives, SolidBurn is disabled for known media as default. TYG02 and Princo 8x is categorized as known media because they are in the firmware database. The only way to check whether it’s enable/disable is to go to QSuite (make sure the latest version 2.1 as zebadee suggested). Usually after a flash the settings remain.

Are you sure the TYG02 is a real one? Do they have a serial starting with TG00xxxx in the hub ring?

I´m not now where i have my PC and Media but I´ll check them, however scans gives me good results with both, but whe i play any (tygo2 or princo 4x,
not all ) my home dvd philips 890 recorder makes little jumps. But when i burn tthose medias with my Pioneer110d fw139 ,scans say wrong but home dvd philips 890 recorder says OK. I DON´T KNOW WHY.

I was getting bad burns with TYG02 and 03. reflashed the firmware and started getting 97-99’s with them both again at 12x burns. Worth a try.