1640 with the following media

I have the following media. Can anyone recommend FW version, burn speeds (Overspeeds if possible), strat swaps and/or WOPC on or off for these? Thanks.

Datasafe MCC003
Datawrite CMC MAG E01
Datawrite CMC MAG AE1
Datawrite MCC02 RG20
Datawrite FUJIFILM 03
Fuji TY T02

I may be getting some Infiniti MCC03 RG20 too.

Hey DeadMan, if you send me the BenQ 1640 drive, I would be able to answer your questions. :slight_smile: Hint: the drive is not available in the US yet.

As far as I know, these are all newer media codes, sticking to old firmware would only be a good choice if you had 4x media, since a bunch were removed as of BSHB. There should be no reason not to burn with BSIB, at the rated speed.

I read BSIB don’t burn so good as BSHB.

I’d wait for the new version comin, cause BSIB was a little bit buggy!
Just have a look at my comparison between BSHB and BSIB with YUDEN000T02
in this thread here

I guess that’s a bit nasty… I think a little bit more proof than just one scan could be good though. But oh well, we know BSHB is good. Use that one, then.

I’m liking what I’m hearing about BSJB… out soon and supports SolidBurn! Sweet!

For your information this one was only one example, the other ones are similar
to that, so should i post the same scans?
2nd the BSIB was at the beginning buggy, with problems, for example to flash it!
3rd Solidburn should choose the best possible writing strategy for the media, if
it works ok!
I wouldn’t say nasty, do you see the total pif’s more than 1000 and with BSHB
97. I’d say that’s a big difference with Yuden media.