1640 with -R TY media scan. Suggestions?

I decided to try a BenQ 1640 a few weeks ago. Purchased from Newegg, upgraded firmware to BSLB, and started reading here about all the options to try. I have not installed any software that came with the unit.
I only use DVD-R Taiyo Yuden G02 8X media that I thought may be a problem with BenQ after reading some threads. (liking + better than - media)
I decided to try a Disc Quality test with CD/DVD speed and see what would happen.
I am new to doing scans so if anyone sees anything wrong with this or sees any reason to change anything…(firmware upgrade, install QSuite, change media, etc) please suggest. Being new to scans I appreciate input.
This is my 1st scan.
BenQ 1640 BSLB - TY G02.
Thanks for taking a look.

Very very very very very good burn. :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m satisfied with the burn. Being new to BenQ and scans both I’m just checking to see if any reason I should change anything from the experience of the Pros here. I thinking leave well enough alone.

Yeah, you can’t ask for much better than that. I’d stick with what you’ve got.

Damned near perfect! I’m jealous, I have never had a scan that good with my NEC 3500 or my BenQ 1640 and I’ve burned several hundred. :bow:

Jonn, welcome aboard and congrad on your good start
May your benQ 1640 serve you well down the road.
I personally like -R because I have a few old Stand Alone Toshiba and Pioneer DVD players at home and they work well with -R. For +R, even with bitsetting, the -R still plays smoother and since the -R already has booktype built in, you dont have to worry about bitsetting. Now I have over 800 blanks at home, and 700 of which are -R, only 100 are +R because Sony media were onsale and +R made in Japan are Taiyo Yuden, the -R made in Japan are Sony so I bought the TY made instead of Sony made. I just ordered another 200 -R inkjet printable TY at Supermedia.com, so I will be having 900 -R total, 100 +R. I am the guy who still have a lot of old equipments lying around so -R works better for me. But if you have newer gear, then get whatever your burner loves.

Thanks for the info everyone. Advise is always appreciated.
By the responses I take it that no need to upgrade or install the software is needed. I’ll leave everything as is and hope this BenQ last awhile.
Thanks again for your time.