1640 will only work in PIO mode

If I set it to DMA I get an I/O device error when transfering files. I’m using a 40pin IDE cable and it is the only device (master) on that channel. Will changing to an 80 pin cable change this?

Have a look here BenQ FAQ’s. The 40 pin cable will allow UDMA2/ATA33 and will work fine. If you are using nVidia Ide drivers roll them back to Standard MS IDE drivers Click. Check that your Bios IDE settings are set to Auto/Auto detect. Could be a bad cable as well and if you are going to replace it get an 80 pin for future use. Let us know how it goes.:slight_smile:

Yeah I read through the FAQ and know that people are using 40 pin cable fine. I have a P4C800e dlx motherboard so no Nvidia ide to get rid of. The bios settings are fine as well which just lead me to think it must be the cable.

I will replace that and see how things go. Cheers :slight_smile:

Don’t know if you have the Intel Application accelerator installed, but if you do that has been known to cause some issues as well.

I wasn’t using IAA :slight_smile: had problems with that before! I did buy a new 80pin cable (had to get extra long one for my full tower) and everything is working fine now! I don’t think the 40pin cable is faulty as my NEC3500AG works fine with it. Just think depending on system config the 1640 might have problems with 40 pin cables working at DMA speeds.

Cheers for your pointers crossg. :smiley:

How long is your ‘extra long’ cable ? Probably it is out of spec.

My drive came with a 80 wire cable and the instructions told me to use it. No problems whatsoever.

Both the old 40 pin and the new 80 pin cable are 75cm. Standard IDE cables are 50 - 60cm but I think 75cm is still with in spec.

The spec says maximum cable length is 18", which is 45 cm. Further infos are here.

Good info, I presumed anything under 80cm was fine but all the cables that come with motherboards are generally 50cm so the manufacturers have been flaunting the specs for years. :slight_smile:

Mine is working fine now with the 75cm 80pin cable so at least I can use my 1640 in my main machine which is now giving me even better quality burns.