1640 vs 1650 - Crossflash possible? What's the diffferences?

Ohks, since today heralds the official release of the 1650, we need to start working on a 1640->1650 experiment. I know that the power rating is slightly different - is anyone able game to try the crossflash?

You go 1st :bigsmile: You have 3 i have 1.

Edit: Not sure if f/w is available today.

Anyone able to find firmware/dump one?

And … I have three … but not all with me at the moment … can’t really afford to kill one because I love them so dearly … aww

Firmware dump is not possible in BenQ drives.

We need someone with a 1640 and 1650 to compare the internals, layout of the chipsets and such.

I only need a .cvt firmware to try.

I guess the fact that the 1650/1655 has different hardware does not worry you. Go ahead, be the first to kill your 1640.

All my drives are destined to die trying :bigsmile:

:clap: :clap: :iagree:

we salute you. someone get this man some firmware.

The drive is not even available in the US yet. I guess living in the US, we enjoy low price media, but suffer a big delay on new technology arrivals.

Sadly this will happen then…

Well - I just wanted to re-ignite this idea - I just trotted over to CDRInfo - and they posted the full review of the DW1655 - http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=16050

It appears that it does use the same chipset as the DW1640.

This might be some hope that they are very much similar and crossflashable!

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There is a error in the information relating to chipsets.

“1650/1655 equiped with new Neperia PNX7862EL and TZA1051HL chipsets while 1640 uses Nexperia PNX7860E/G/M1 and TZA1050HL chipsets.
Both of the 1640 and 1650/1655 use the same motor drive controller SA56203TW , RAM ESMT M12L16161A-7T and FlashROM MX 29LV160CTtC-70.”

See also this thread. Posts # 2 & 8.

I’d read this post:doh:


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In my previous post,I failed to point out crossflashing not possible. rtrj good point, I’m sure everybody feels for pinto2 :sad: & wouldn’t want to duplicate this end to flashing their drive. :doh:

Let him do it!..I could do with a good laugh :bigsmile: :wink:

I would not do it either but without pioneers like Pinto2 and lui gough we would never know the capabilities of these drives. I for one, applaude them.