1640 tray wont open?

Hmm…a problem has arisen with my BQ 1640… :eek:

The drive will not open whatsoever…unless I press the button on a reboot?

Once in Windows…no way it will open normally…if I fail to hit button before Windows loads…then it wont open at all! (right click - eject dont work either)…no disk in drive!!?

Flashed firmware to latest and back again…no difference with either…deleted drive in Windows also…no go…this has just started happening tonite?

Pushing the button does nothing…no light…nothing?

Any ideas?

Happens to a few, including mine. A hard knock to the front usually opens mine.

Exact same thing happened to me after a bad flash (forgot disk in drive). However, after reflashing it went away. Try reflashing again to a known firmware, BSLB for example?

open it using the manual eject hole. then open and close it about a dozen times (it will move at warp speed) then slow down to normal and be fine until the next time. Don’t think anybody came up with a reason why.

Occasionally happens with mine. I usually go for the emergency eject hole to get it open, then it works fine, although strangely, the tray usually opens/closes very fast and any quality scans in CDSpeed will have read dips for a little while after it happens.

Same thing happens to mine occasionally. Just open it with the emergency eject hole.

Mine was sticky, i found the black inside gasket on the tray to keep the dust out was sticking to the drive, took it off at the spot with a razr blade, works fine since