1640 slow burning

Installed new 1640 (malay aug 2005) today and burning quality ty + or -r was not able to burn higher than 4x.
drive was in udma2,replaced ide etc.in desperation i tried a dvd in drive which set region code.Since region code was set drive now burns at selected speed.
Search of the forum all day to help sort my problem did not show region setting as possible cause ( or I did not see it)
just thought might help others.

Do a Nero CD Speed burst test, should be around 24MB/s just to make sure it really is in UDMA 2. Also what FW are you using? Solid burn will sometimes limit the burn speed of lesser quality media if you have it turned on.

crossg I did the burst rate test & ripped dvd images below,the region setting was what sorted it out.

Thanks MikeP.

Actually, similar information was posted a day ago here.

Fellow members, can somebody enlighten me about what’s going on here. Region setting determing drives burn speed?
There must be some application interfering and causing this…

Hi :slight_smile:
My set up 1640 - no region set, see first piccie.
On inserting a DVD region 2, drive adopts region setting. second piccie.
DVD Decryptor log “ripping” said DVD, third piccie.
Finally two CDSpeed scans. First original DVD, second the backup.

Hi :slight_smile:
Just throwing this in as a response. There must be something else going on.

Thanks zabadee :slight_smile: . I know about changes in Nero CD-DVD Speed, region changes/iserted disc.

Maybe MikeP can provide more information about applications/programs he is running on compu.
Edit. MikeP, did you experience this behaviour before or after flashing to BSMB firmware?

Hi :slight_smile:
pinto (I know, that you know,but do they know?. Whoever they are.)
Post # 5 is intended primarily for MikeP (but also anyone else who has had this or similar experience,perhaps they could add to this), to show him that. The CDSpeed scans were to show also to MikeP (& others) that speed was there, in fact quicker than his with region set.(before anyone goes off on one, I know that can have a lot to do with setup,cpu etc.)
The DVD Decryptor log was supposed to show this, but I messed that part up & haven’t got time to go again.
I wanted to illustrate that region being set/not set in itself shouldn’t produce the result it appears to have.

zebadee: so now your BenQ 1640 still has 5 user changes left? Nero InfoTools shows 4 left.

The two speed tests were done to prove to myself that the drive was in udma2 mode.These tests were done while burn speed was struggling to reach 4x. ( no background apps. running )
PC is P4c800e dlx p43400 preshot. gig ram. 74 gig raptor
xp sp2 with all updates latest intel inf.
apps for burning are dvd decrypter ver.3.5.40
nero 6.6.16
Flashed drive to BSMB as soon as I installed it.

Drive has now packed in completely,tried in another system and same.
Supplier will change ,hope to have better luck with new one.
Back to 1620 for now (good drive)

Hi :slight_smile:
In post # 5 the first info tools shows drive info without any disc inserted. Note 5 user changes left.
The second info tools shows drive info with disc inserted & illustrates how drive adopts region. Hence 4 changes left. Remove disc & refresh info tools. No region so will return to 5 changes left.

way off topic

And the same goes for region information/changes left and pic in post #6.

Hi :slight_smile:
I should have mentioned this. :doh:

received replacement drive out of the box first burn @ default settings with plextor 8x @ 8x very pleased.Hope this continues