1640 or 3540 or 1640

I’m currently using NEC 3540 as burner and Benq 1640 as reader. I’m considering just vice versa on this so can get bitsettign with the Benq. Any comments or suggestions as to which is preferred as writer and which as reader? Thanks

Surely some of you out there can comment on the Benq or Nec as writer or reader capabilities. Thanks,

Hi :slight_smile:
Personally out of those two, I’d use 3540a as reader & 1640 as writer. Better still get rid of the 3540a & invest in either a 1650 or 1655.

You should be able to bitset the NEC as well with L&D’s improved firmware. I also would burn with the 1640 unless you are using TY +R 8X. Then both will do a great job.

zeb and Chas, thank you. Sounds like your consensus is then to use the Benq as writer and the NEC as reader. Curious about your comment though Zeb about getting rid of the 3540 and getting 1650 and 1655. Are those Nec? Writers or just readers? or?? thanks,

Hi :slight_smile:
BenQ 1650 or 1655. Either reader or writer.

Why not use which ever writer burns the media the best as a writer? :smiley:
The ND-3540 will outperform the Benq on certain media, and likewise the BenQ will outperform the NEC on certain media.
Having two very different drives makes sense.

Which drive would you use the Nec 3520 or 3540 with this BenQ-Nec setup, what would be master and slave.

Hi :slight_smile:
Maybe I’m just unlucky when it comes to Nec drives, The 3520 s’ I had I was so disapointed by I gave them away. My 3540s’ & 4550s’ (two of each) were outperformed by my other drives, whether read or write that I’ve got rid of one of each. The two remaining one are in my wardrobe waiting for either an emergency failure of all my other drives or someone to buy them. The media I’ve mainly used over this period has been MCC 03RG20 & MCC 004. I’ve recently added Plextor YUDEN000 T03.
I would like to that yours & Liggys f/w have made the Nec drives just about bearable.

I use my NECs and BQs as burners and my Plex and Pios as readers!
But with that set up your BQ is a faster reader than the 3540!