1640 only burns @8x

Seems ever since i loaded firmware BSRB, it only burns AML002 @8x, BSLB always burned them at 16x, i switched back to LB and still only 8x
I noticed in Qsuite it doesnt show any learned disc’s, says 0
I reloaded MS drivers, removed Qsuite and reinstalled still no go.
I have another 1640 at work so i might try that one.

I would do a couple of things. Clear the learned media
with QSuite, then reflash (I would stay with BSLB).
Then I would try some known good (and different MID)
If that doesn’t work, hopefully one or more of our
resident gurus can help. :slight_smile:

Trying Ricoh now, still only 8x, i’m using dvd decryptor and it says it supports up to 16x, i have more disc’s to try but they used to burn at 16x!
Optodisc and TDK all 8x tops, this is really weird and pissing me off, i have a trusty old NEC 3500 on sec slave and it burns 16x no problem.
I’ve went into the registry to delete all of qsuite.
Also when reistalling qsuite it seeems to remember my settings even thou thouroghly deleted.


AML002 is 8x rated and it’s always supported at 8x since BSLB. Maybe you were using OverSpeed, or changed the write strategy??

i have overspeed always on as with solidburn, my same settings for over a year!
Seems like when i flashed to BSRB few weeks ago i noticed 8x only, flashed back many times since.
I think it’s had it, this was a Norwood Micro drive cross flashed to Benq, my trusty old 1640 is in my work poot.
what i’m finding is there are no learned disc’s saved, it shows the media but doesnt save like my other 1640.
And with all 1640’s long gone i’m prob screwed back to a 1650, maybe there firmware has progresed?

Switch it to off, then switch it to on and check the write speed again.


Did you uninstall the drivers in control panel when you upgraded the firmware?

If not then go to your control panel - hardware - device settings - IDE ATAPA - secondary channel - driver - uninstall - reboot - let drivers reinstall themselves-eh!

May solve your problem (and this should be done with any change in burners, firmware, etc so as not to confuse your computer)

i’ve installed microsoft drivers, one of the first things i’ve done, i’ve been doing this for along time and know all the usual remedies :slight_smile:
What i’ve found is if i leave WOPC to ON, it burns past 8x, if set to Off like i usually have don\e for years it only burns at 8x on all the media i’ve tried…real weird!
Like i said ever since loading BSRB this has all happened!!
I have a 1640 at work wirg BSRB, i’ll bring some AML and see what happens there this morning.
Thanks for all your help guys!!

I’m at work burning AML 002 @16x no problem, have WOPC OFF, the one thing i see is in solidburn there’s 6 learned, at home there’s always 0!!!
That is the problem, i’ve deleted all of Qsuite and reloaded it twice, even cleaned the registry of all traces.
Must be something internal to the drive, time to bring back my old 1640 and the problem one here at work

Yo Budman62-

Have no doubt that you have Microsoft drivers installed - what I am suggesting is that you [B]uninstall[/B] the drivers - reboot and let windows install fresh drivers - in hopes of solving your problem-eh!

I loaded the latest Nvidia drivers few days ago,made it worse, very slow burns with a crazy buffer.
I’ll try tonight when i get home mike.
I’m runnig a Abit AN7 with AMD Mobile 2400 @2000ghz, modest overclock, i have 1.5 teragig’s of Hd space.

Eh, what should Teragigs be??

Good question. Tera[B]bytes[/B] yes, but tera[B]gigs[/B]?

Teragig = 1000 gigs!
ok, i removed and reloaded drivers still same problem i switched the drive back to Master, with it set as slave to my NEC 3500 it at least with WOPC ON, it would burn up to 14x, now that it’s back as Master it only burns @8x max either WOPC on or off.
Last resort is i’ll swap this out with my work poot and see what happens otherwise this drive is FUBAR!!
This is a late build 1640 as my 1 yr old 1640 still kick’s butt!

Yo Budman62-

SO sorry to hear that - I absolutely love my 1640 (and my new 1655 too)-

Hooked it up in my work poot, burns fine!!
Only thing i got is Qsuite will not store any Learned Disc’s in Solidburn settings, there are 2 in this Qsuite.
I’ll try another ide cable when i get home.

Just wanted to say for maybe somebody elses future reference the problem was Ulead Movie Factory 5, it loads it own dvd burning programs and must interfere with the 1640, weird it did not effect my NEC 3500.

Congratulations on solving your problem. :clap: :slight_smile: