1640 not working

the benq 1640 drive i bought a month ago isnt working. it dosent read not write any discs. Is it a software problem or a hardware?

when i insert a disk it keeps on blinking.

You might provide a little more info, such as your system, whether the drive worked OK before it quit, what software you’re using and which firmware, media MID, etc.

well it was working ok but now it dosent work. Firmware is BSLB
I think there is problem with drive as it dosent read disc even just after the system boots. Its a bad batch maybe :frowning:

If you have access to another computer, try the drive in the other computer. If it works OK there you’ll know it’s not the drive.

i dosent work in another computer. Hey I would like to know, the drive is made in china of month May. Are people having similar problems? Also is June batch any good?

Hi :slight_smile:
There did seem to be a early batch that had a slightly high failure rate, although most if not all of these should have passed through the system by now. It appears your are unfortunate in getting a less than perfect drive. Exchange it & get one that works. It’s well worth the trouble.

My 1620 died a slow death. It was always quite warm (in an external enclosure) after reading/writing or even sitting idle. After it stopped working (when I could only get it to read a disk by constant opening and closing of the tray and waiting), I opened it, voiding the warranty and found that the drive motor controller chip was the heat generator. I also watched the head position motor do strange things, like move to the middle, or beyond the outside of the disc and start looking for the disc. sometimes, it didn’t move at all.

The drive was purchased in the USA, where I am not, and I don’t really see it being economic to send it for repair to BenQ, so I mailed them asking would they send a replacement board. I got no reply.

It’s a shame - I always believed somehow that it was a great drive, even though at times it failed, Inititially it hated some cheap media I threw at it(AN32) , then after G7T8 (if i remember right), it burned them too! although it made a terrible noise, like as if the disc was unbalanced.

I think because I kept reading good reviews, I was happy with my BenQ, even though the heat always bothered me. I happened to pick up a Samsung in a sale and am now using that, but I paid US$80 for the BenQ, and would like to fix it. Does anybody know how friendly the BenQ people are towards the idea of sending spare parts to amateur electronic enthusiasts? :bow:

As zebadee said, RMA.

hmm my dealer did a lens cleaning and its working fine now :slight_smile:
i think i am in a dusty area which is causing so many problems

I’ve always wondered if those laser cleaning discs were actually needed. :bigsmile: