1640 not detecting discs - dead lense?

GGRRRRR … i think my drive just died. blanks, burned and pressed cd/dvd discs aren’t being detected at all. whenever i put in a disc all i hear is clicking from the lense trying to detect the disc. the pc can detect the drive but not the disc inside.

everything was working fine last night but after 5 failed attempts to burn to same batch of MCC 02RG20 media, the drive just stopped detecting discs. i’ve tried rebooting the pc and reflashing the firmware but it’s still the same.

now i’ve got 3 options, rma the drive and hope the new one doesn’t die out, or get either the nec-3550 or pioneer 110d. does anyone have a suggestion on what to do?

Is drive able to detect DVD+R/+RW media?

If so than I suggest you to reflash with BSGB and then with BSLB firmware (.cvt) you can find both here.
(Use IE or Firefox IE tab to download.)
Flash with WinDWFlash.

no it wasn’t able to detect ANY media …


just for kicks, i took the drive out, shook it in frustration and installed it sideways on another pc. lo and behold, it started working, somewhat … the drive can read and write but after about 70-90% of the writing process it would just keep on failing to write on any media … anyone got a clue with what’s going on with this?

Could be the laser diode dying. Try cleaning the lens.

Usually the laser diode works or not but it could be a dry joint or other bad connection inside the drive.
A general clean inside and a careful look at soldier joints and connectors with a magnifying glass may help. Also clean and lube the rails, the drive sticking slightly towards the end of the burn may cause tracking problems.
Best of luck.

:eek: …OMG weedougie. Have you ever seen the inside of a 1640? I don’t think so. And suggestion to lube the rails, that’s just to much to pass without a comment. :disagree:

@railgrinder, don’t even think about opening drive casing. Doing this and you can kiss you warranty good-bye.
Best thing to do is to try the drive in another compu. If the problem still remains, ask for replacement (RMA).

I often repair equipment much more complicated than a DVD burner, so the drive is not a problem for me. The steps I suggested are within the capabilities of anyone of average intelligence. :cool:
If the drive is still under warranty why are we discussing a repair it should obviously be RMA ASAP. :flower: