1640 n/a for sale

I noticed that newegg and some other retailers no longer list the 1640 for sale. Are they waiting for the 1650? About 5 of the on-line sellers I looked at no longer have them.

NewEgg.com still has them in beige for 42.99.

Thank you. I see that. I was looking for a black faceplate. I guess I missed it when I did a search by benq+black faceplate. Wonder why they continue selling the beige but not black. Xtra stock?

Check again on Monday they will probably have more black ones, I would wait for the 1650 or the new Plextor 760, the new NEC 4550 is coming out soon also, Circuit City also has them already rebadged as the Maddog 16x3DVD9.

So does the maddog drive write dvd-ram?? Otherwise it may just be an nec 3550, which will also soon be cross-flashable (once the flasher is ready). :slight_smile:

newegg’s also been changing the price pretty frequently. Price was $42.99 oem, then early last week through Monday this week (I think) it was $49.99 (same at zipzoomfly for the bulk). Tuesday it was back to $42.99, then yesterday it was $39.99, but today it’s back to $42.99. 'the hell?

It will take months before you will see BenQ DW-1650 in US and Canada.

First this drive will be released (if not already) in Asia (Japan). Then it will tour to Europe and after that your way.
Sorry to say this, but this has been the pattern with all BenQ’s new drive releases sofar.

my 2 cent.

Yes, I doubt we will see the DW-1650 until February or even later… The Plextor 760 should be here before Christmas I think… it is supposed to be shipping to vendors Dec 1.

Yes it writes ram that why its a 16X3DVD9 (3 formats)

I bought my 1640 from directron.com out of Houston, TX. It’s the black model.

To Dalen Q. -

Why does your signature line say to “Be Smart, Buy Retail” on the DW1640. I am ready to purchase a DW1640 - what is the difference between the OEM and RETAIL box on the DW1640? Do you receive additional/later version software? Why would you hesitate to buy the OEM/BULK version of this drive? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

I’d like to know this as well because I was looking for the black 1640 and didn’t find one until moose pointed out directron had some…one site i didnt check on my mass list of e-tailers.

It is a ND-4550 and it does write DVD-RAM.

the 1640 is already out of production. theres only like 1-2 stores in Canada that still have stock.

Newegg does have the Plex 740 for $50. I’m debating just grabbing this. I want a 1640 and want a black one.

Newegg has plenty of BenQ 1640 for less than $40.

They haven’t been under $40 since its been named #1 (almost 2 weeks now). All they have is beige for $48!, I think they’re price gauging since its been named #1.

Well apparently Directron didn’t get that message and they still have the DW1640 in black for 39.99 + shipping of like ~$7-8

Hey teapot what’s been your experience with Directron?

good ratings

Total Purchases - 39.99
Shipping via UPS Ground Residential - 7.56
Tax 0.00
Total for Directron.com - Computer Super Store 47.55

It’s black and cheaper than purchasing a beige one from newegg or chiefvalue after shipping. thanks for sharing