1640 in the UK

I want to a new DVD-RW and have decided on the Benq 1640. The only problem was finding one in the UK. But I have now found one and at an incredibly low price [hopes it hasn’t been mispriced] :clap: :iagree: The only problem is they only have beige drives :frowning: As I need a black drive it is no use to me at the moment. I don’t want to be using a marker pen on it.

I did try searching this forum for these drives in the UK but could not find any reference to them. Anyway here is the link to the drive


Did I mention it was only £29.36? lol I hope someone finds this useful. If anyone knows where to get a Black version of this drive then please reply.


There is an on-going thread right here on the first page of this sub forum about the 1640 in UK.

BenQ 1640 black (in UK). :slight_smile:

Hurry up, only few left.

Thanks 8T8 I do remember seeing that thread now some time back but forgot about it and a search didn’t show it.
Thanks for the link pinto2, just what I was looking for. Can anyone tell me why the prices for these drives are so low? A newly released drive selling for less than the majority of other drives.


thanks pinto just got my order in :slight_smile:

Yeah great, I was ordering, had to register first and there was a power cut so never got it finished. Now there are none left :frowning:


They were still available after i ordered mine so you were very unlucky

btw here’s an avatar suggestion for you

Just kidding :slight_smile: