1640 + HD Vibrations



Think i’ve come up with a unique question here

1640 in the normal 5 1/4 bays - if i put a HD there , maybe in a caddy
or a zalman vibration thing or just plained screwed in
is there a possible problem with HD vibrations effecting the burn quality ?

i’m sure one of our experts will advise but to be honest i’m not sure of the answer - there might not seem to be that much vibrations but to a dvd burner they may seem a lot ?




No a HD on its own wouldn’t be enough to affect the stability of an optical drive as long as said drive was properly secured with screws in the case.


Interesting question. But I would think that the anti-vibration, anti-jitter, etc. tech in a modern burner would be able to compensate even if there was a small amount of vibration.

I guess I would try to be sure that the drives do not actually come in physical contact with each other when you attach them to the drive cage, and then make sure all 4 holding screws are tighly in place.

My bud doesn’t have fan clips on his rig - he screws 'em right to the case wall - and his case seemed to vibrate overall a lot more than mine, which has the plastic fan clips between the case and the fan. He opted to get one of those “rubberized vibration dampening” kits, which actually came with small rubber washers that go under each screw-head as you fasten them, and believe it or not, it seems to have done the job nicely.

I actually thought it might be cool to get some of those tiny rubber washers for my rig, but I can’t seem to find any excessive vibration. Still, the concept sounds cool. Maybe if I could get glow-in-the-dark rubber washers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a thought. Maybe try spacing your hard drive as far away from your optical drive as you can and do a couple of high-speed burns and use Nero CD-DVD Speed to do a Disc Quality check and take screen shots of the results.

Then try moving that same hard drive right next to your optical drive, make a couple of high speed burns, run the CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality check, take screen shots of the results and compare.

That could be kinda fun, and you could share the results with fellow users. :slight_smile:


More than likely to affect the lifetime of the HDD more than the optical drive.
With badly balanced disks in optical drives chances are vibration is going to cause minor headcrashes, excessive head repositioning and recalibration in a nearby HDD.

Short term these are no problem but make it regular and chances are the HDD life will be drastically shortened (I did have an article somewhere which both tested and explained this - I’ll see if I can dig it out).

As for rubber washers etc, they tend to be a waste of time and only really as last resort to stop some high frequency noise cause by ill fitting drives in cheap (and occasionally not so cheap) cases. They can be useful though with case fans that are slightly off balance, although personally I prefer the full rubber surrounds to the washers as they are much less fiddly.


Its definetly not a good idea to have your hard drive sitting directly under your optical wrting drive as the heat build up can help wear the drive out or cause burn quality to drop. Try to keep them space apart, unfortunately on my old dell computer the hard drive sat right under the optical drive causing heat build up and the tray would usually be warm when you ejected the drive which isnt good.


Spinning a disc @ 16x creates a fair amount of force/vibration in itself. So i wouldn’t expect a HDD to affect it’s performance.