1640 FW: BSHB vs BSJB vs BSKB



Ok I see alot posts about BSKB fw…and of course as always I never test stock fw and jump right and used a patch BSKB with TY02@TY03(as this worked great on my 1620 with TY02)

which fw seems to give best write quality without qsuite2…
I burn all the TY02@TY03 at 12x

My first TY02@ty03 at 33000PIE with slope at the end and PIF total of 79…this was BSKB modded no qsuite 2(same ty02 batch only gave 16000PIE and PIF of 79)…when I used qsuite 2 with wopc off only got same rough PIF 30000 and PIF of 160…third burn was qsuite 2 with wopc on, solid burn on over speed off…same 30000 PIE and 137 PIF with more right at the end of the disc

My small sample seems to show my 1620 is slightly better burner

the 1640 seems to give a slope of PIE at the end(max around 30) with total of 30000 …PIF look good as total<200 but again increase near end of the disc

so does BSHB, BSJB work better than BSKB when not using qsuite 2…

any opinions


In order to be fair it would mean disabling SolidBurn for both known and unknown media and disable overspeeding on BSKB. But it would require someone to flash with each firmware, burn some media, scan them and then flash another firmware and repeat. I am not up for wasting media like that at present.


Mind you I am not suggesting these are bad burns as my 3rd burn was a 98

My very limited experience with solidburn is blah…it did nothing in quality…

I am curious if people who used BSJB for example find it gave as good a burn as BSKB with no qsuite2 or better

I am not asking anyone to reburn and reflash…just looking for others experience

I am considering a flash to BSJB and see what happens on my TY02

BTW I see you are using BSJB …do you prefer it to BSKB?

also if you uninstall qsuite 2…before burning with a new fw…does this remove any effects it would have??


Hi :slight_smile:
Your questions have already been answered in the relevant posts, however to summarise.
Each f/w should be an improvement on the last. You do nevertheless get exceptions to the rule, so suck it & see policy seems the best way to go.
When BSJB came out it had a tendency to introduce a spike at about 3gb with MCC 03 media, resulting in many reverting back to BSHB. (BSIB was short lived)
With the advent of BSKB any problems seen at 3gb were removed, so BSKB on its own does appear to be the best f/w yet.(some may disagree on this as other f/w suits their media better)
BSKB along with QSuite2 enhances the writers’ capabilities.
Without QSuite2 Solid Burn is deactivated by default with known media - ativated by default with unknown media. No user changes available.
QSuite2 allows user to set their own settings. These are stored for future use.Uninstalling QSuite will in effect erase this ‘memory’
Therefore any flashing back will be free of QSuite (Solid Burn & OverSpeeding are only found in BSKB anyway, hence even if you don’t uninstall QSuite2 it should not interact with any previous f/w)

N.B. Solid Burn does improve things, but to demonstrate this as most users media will be seen as known. You have to activate Solid Burn with known media through QSuite2.

Illustration go here
See post # 233


thank you