1640 firmware?

what is the best firmware for the 1640- with DL burning a priority. Just got one at compusa norwood 39.99. Also any other Dl burning tips with 1640 appreciated thanks.

What firmware did the NORWOOD MICRO drive come with? If it’s a “G” series firmware then you need to crossflash the drive to the official BENQ “B” series firmware. You can crossflash the drive with WinDWFlash or BQFLASHER. Use the cvt files to crossflash.

I haven’t done much DL burning but the ones I did I used firmware BSMB & BSOB. I used IMG BURN & DVD DECRYPTER for DL burning.

Hi :slight_smile:
If you need to crossflash drive take a look here.
If you look at the thread for DL scans with 1640, you should get a good idea which f/w is the most popular.