1640 error in quality test



I’m lost… I just got my 1640, and the first thing I did was flash to BSJB, unmodded. It burns great, seems to verify fine… until the very end. On 2 disks in a row, I got the same result. I get an error, but once I click ok, it seems to finish the test fine… The disk seems excellent Any ideas? The first image is the error, and the second is the completed test.


I get this anytime I try to use CDSpeed on any drive with USB or firewire.


I got this twice so far (out of 20 scans) for my 1640 in an enclosure. Maybe it has something to do with the size of dvd compilation, especially for compilation over 4.3gb


This error occurs when, for example, you scan the disc with CD/DVD Speed straight after burning without ejecting the disc. Try ejecting the disc after you finish burning and then scan.


Yes! Remember eject disc before scanning!!! I got the same problem if I scan the burned disc immediately with ejecting.


I posted a response that was lost…

I said thanks for the help… the drive is a mast on its own channel (internal), and I remember that I did not eject before the test.

WHen I trie to retest, I got very similiar results, but without the errors… I’v been going back and forthe with my new 1640 (and believing all the hype :)), and working on a new PC build, mATX s939 OC’d for my son… It’s been a lesson on patience.

Thanks again… I love my new Benq… :slight_smile: