1640 drive length



is anyone seriously bothered by the fact that this drive is a good 1/2 inch to an inch shorter than most others?

it epsecially bothers me since mine is in a hp computer that has a faceplate covering the entire front of the tower. the buttons to open optical drives are lined up with the actual button so you press the button on the tower and it, in turn, presses the button on the drive.

with my 1640, the button on the tower doens’t reach the button on the drive! i have to either right click>eject or use my finger nail to pull open the drive door on the tower and press the drive button itself.

also, this is rather random, but does anyone know of a command or program that could be written to eject and then close the drive from the desktop? or better yet something i could associate with one of my unused keyboard buttons?


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Try to take a look here



thanks geno. that will be useful when i figure out how to get the drive to open and close. wish i was a software person. i have no idea how to write a script to open and close my drive.


holy crap, nm i’m slow today. i was looking at the first one. the second one sown talks about opening/closing drives.

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bah! the second link doesn’t have the option to create an .exe file so the program has ot be open in order to execute the command each time.

hmm maybe i can learn to write scripts…it can’t be that hard, right? the first program seemed intimidating, but it could convert the script to an exe file…


Can’t you find a combination of mounting holes that will put the drive in the right place. I remember having to move the mounting rails on mine to get them to match with the case but thats what all those holes in the bay holders and rails are for


i would have to drill new holes in the mounting cage.i debated giving it a shot, but the mounting rails are connected to the case, and the thought of me going into my computer with a drill sort of scared me.

besides, this way is more fun haha


download.com has a few and a search using script open cd tray or command line open cd tray found a few more. Im sure it’s buired in windows somewhere as even my logitech keyboard has a key to open and close drive trays

No metal shavings in computer case :disagree:


This doesn’t make sense. In every half-height, 5.25" optical drive I’ve ever seen, the first pair of mounting holes is exactly 52 mm from the front of the drive, and that includes DW1640. How far the back of the drive extends [that could be 165 mm in LG drives to 170 mm in new BenQ drives to 190 mm in Panasonic and old BenQ drives] doesn’t matter for aligning the front. See the diagram below.

You should check where the drive is mounted in the cage or along the rails and adjust that.



I have my 1640 mounted in my HP newer case (model a1410n) and did not have any issues with the outer button making contact with the button on the drive-

I have the LG 4167 on top and the BenQ 1640 under it - with no problems/issues with either drawer door or cover-



i’ll open it up and take a look at it, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have another option. this system is over 4 years old (hp pavilion 752n)

granted most of its parts have been replaced so it doesn’t run like a dinosaur, but yeah.

i’ll check it out again, but I remember it being an issue while I was installing so if i could have changed something then I probably would have.

then again, I’m also good at missing really obvious things…and I was having so much fun making hotkeys for every random thing ever haha


So, did you ever solve your problem?


actually yes. i drilled new holes in the rack.

the drill bit I used was a little too big, and it made sort of a mess, but as long as the screws are tight, it stays in there and doesn’t move or vibrate or anything.

nedless to say, my dad was wondering why I was sitting upstairs with his tools and my computer in pieces. (I took as much stuff out of my tower as I could just in case haha)

i think it might have just been a manufacturing defect. the bottom slot where my 1655 is installed has 2 sets of holes to line up with the drive and screw it into place, but the top one only had one set…(until now!) very weird


Glad you got it solved. I figured you’d find a way. :slight_smile:



You pierced your case, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


as everything is sorted out now, id just like to point out bigmike didnt use the word eh? In any of this post :eek:


My e-machines was like this as well, and I also had to drill holes for my Benq 1640 to line up. I think that it has something to do with the PC manufacturer and the OEM drives that they come with…I imagine when I build my next PC I won’t have to do this.

Congrats on being adventrous and using a drill!



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