1640 does dvd-r dl or not?

I’ve read some stuff that says the benq 1640 can write dvd-r DL media at 4x. I’ve read the cdfreaks review and it wasn’t even listed as one of the capabilities of the drive?

Is this something that might of been left out in the original firmware, then activated later on with newer firmware?

I’m looking to finally upgrade my old 4x speed LG burner (which has done me well), and I was going to buy another LG until i found out the current model doesn’t support it. For the amount of time i use dvd-ram (which was once in two years, and only because the drive came with a free disc), i’d rather have to the dvd-r dual layer option.

not that i’d used it right away, but I only tend to swap out burners every few years, so i’d like to make sure it has the features i want :slight_smile:



It can write the MKM 01RD30 Dual layer (Verbatim) at 4x in theory. I don’t have any to try, but that is listed in the original firmware (BSGB) as being a supported speed.

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Take a look here

I have just retiired 2 LG 4163b’s & replaced them with BenQ 1640’s Well worth it

who the hell wants to burn dvd -R DL’s anyway, it can’t be set to dvd-rom, so what’s the point. It’s not going to be compatible with any stand alone dvd player!!!

Thats a lie. While DVD-R DL is certainly likely to have more issues than DVD+R DL, its certainly is compatible with home players. I’ve played a couple of DVD-R DL disks myself in a number of home machines (of various makes, models and vintages) with zero problem.

Bit setting is IME a bit of a false thing to blame for issues with most players these days, crap media mainly and/or bad burns cause far more problems. Older players I will admit can be very hit and miss in this respect.

Whether it was even worth them releasing the DVD-R DL format is debateable and personally I think its more of a “ME TOO!” issue to catch up with the +R camp than filling any gap in the market.

bitsetting makes a huge difference where compatibility for DL media is concerned, not just for older players.

read this/, before you say my statement was a lie!!! :iagree:


I should’ve said “it won’t be compatible with many stand alone players” instead of saying “it won’t be compatible with any!!!” (my bad) :slight_smile:

As I said “In My Experience” it doesnt, while I don’t make cough cough “backup” copies cough of films for a living, I have used many home players and scaresly see any problem to do with bitsetting.

“Cheap and nasty” players will read anything, big brand stuff tends to have problems, but mainly its the drive physically not being able to read the disk becuase of the reflectivity, not because of bit setting.

IIRC only 2 players I’ve seen required bitsetting, a JVC (which long since cremated itself) and a Pioneer (I think) which just required a firmware update to make it read anything.

And yes ive read that article already, those test were however limited to just a handful of players, my experience is not with these players listed in the article, but the number is far greater than tested there.

I bet you make more cough cough “backup” copies cough than all of the cdfreaks forum members combined!!! :wink:

i know that in North America, dual layer -R media is slightly more expensive than dual layer +R media plus at this point, dual layer +R media is MUCH better and more compatible. I dont see any reason why to get dual layer -R media.

I’m sure -r DL will stabilize up a bit. However the reason I was interested was because, with single layer media, I tend to just buy whats on sale (and whats good), regardless of it being plus or minus r. I’ve noticed lately that I have a way easier time finding made in japan maxell/fuji +r’s then i do -r’s.

I know all the drives are soon going to support -r DL, so I thought it’d be handy to have the feature, in case -r DL discs improve and end up cheaper.

I don’t really have the cash to upgrade my drive very often. I don’t consider it often anyways. About evey 2 years since my first cd burner, I’ve upgraded. So I was trying to think of what might be around in 2 years. I’m just planning ahead :slight_smile:

I ordered a 1640 from ncix yesterday, so it should be here within the week. I’m thinking about stripping down my old lg 4040b as it’d make a great loader for a multiregion dvd player I have that has a bad loader in it.

however I’d also like to keep it in the computer in cause i run across any RAM discs, but then i’d have to yank out a hard drive.

haha, oh well its going to be nice to be able to burn faster the 4x :slight_smile: