1640 crc errors

Hi Guys,

For some reason my 1640 has been acting strangely. If I burn a disc and then go back and run either a speed check or a crc error check in dvdinfopro it shows a hell of a lot of bad sectors at the end of the disk. On closer inspection this basically seems to match up with the amount of free disk on the space. So if I burn 3 gigs of data it will then give 1.4 gigs of errors. Haven’t seen this happen before?

Are my backups safe? How can I stop it from doing this so I can test reliably?

I know this isn’t the best testing method in the world but its quick and tells me whether I can read back my data for the most part.

Sorry I made a mistake. Its a 1650 I am having problems with.

Eject the disk after burning and try again.