1640 Crashing to Blue Screen

I just purchased and installed my third Benq burner. The first 2 were 1620s. Installion was done on a Dell PC with 2600 mhz processor and 512 ram and one 80 gig hd. This is first up-grade to a basic pc. I replaced the OEM cd burner that came with the pc with the 1640.
My problem is when I put a commercial DVD in the tray, the PC gives me the blue screen of death and I have to reboot. A few times I have been able to load the dvd after the crash, but not always. The few times that I have been able to load the DVD, the pc displays the Dell Multi-Video screen saying that the DVD is not able to be identified. I have tried different DVDs. The dvds are good, I checked them in the 1620 and they boot up fine.
Does this sound like a software or hardware problem?

Just from what you posted sounds like a software issue to me, I’d try doing some housekeeping on that Dell update system drivers, bios, change IDE cables, un-install any software that might be troublesome, do spyware scans etc and see if that gets you anywhere.

Check if Sonic DLA is installed and uninstall or disable it. (this is known for causing al sorts of problems with other software/hardware)

No Sonic on pc. PC came with Roxio CD Creator, and I installed Nero. Think I will uninstall Roxio and check it out.


PLEASE uninstall the Roxio!!!

It is known to conflict with Nero - big time IMO-

Also suggest that you upgrade firmware to the new BSLB-


I also had a couple BSOD’s after installing my drive. They came up after changing the firmware, I’d go to restart, then get an instant BSOD. Its only happened twice and not since. I’m now restarting manually after exiting the firmware program, and all is fine. Might be a bug with the flasher.

Be careful dell tend to use underpowered PSU’s. I have found even some of their newer comps have only 250 Watt PSU’s, though they are of extremly high quality and can outdo what they are rated in most cases but it doesnt mean they can handly anything though… Try your drive in another computer then try disconnecting a few things in your computer and try using the drive.

Thanks for the tips. All is well now. I found a hidden Sonic program lurking in the background. Removed that puppy; and all is good!


Glad to hear that it all worked out ok for you-eh!


Sorry for bringing back an old thread, but I have been lurking a while here and had this exact issue. I found this thread and removed my Sonic DLA program and I can now use my new BenQ 1640!

I own a DELL Dimension and the system came with Sonic applications installed. I left all the other Sonic apps installed and removed only the DLA portion. This fixed all my woes.

I just wanted to send a big THANKS to PlexFreak & Garmy for their info and CDFREAKS for having such a helpful forum!




Most Dells that come with a burner come with DLA installed! I had the same problem so be sure it is removed as well as INCD!

I had a problem with my last 1640 crashing to a blue screen while ripping dvds or doing CD speed read tests. After doing most everything suggested here and checking my system for spyware and viruses, I RMA’d the drive because I was convinced it was defective. I haven’t had a problem with any of my other drives on the same system.

YEA, I purchased the 1640 and RMA’d it thinking it was a problem with the drive because my other two DVD drives (a TEAC and a NEC) had absolutely no problems. I had replaced my TEAC drive with the new BenQ and had the crash to the blue screen only when trying to watch a purchased movie. The BenQ read CDs and DVDs with computer files on them fine. I would like to know why some drives have a problem with Sonic DLA and others don’t, though I don’t know if I’ll ever know why. At least now I am running with no problems and am running with all three DVD burners (TEAC, NEC, & BenQ). I have one more free IDE slot just waiting for me to find something to do with it (I have 2 SATA hard drives installed).

My Plex 716 did the blue screen on my Dell many moons ago. Dell had installed it and i did not know it was even there! Plex e-mailed me with the fix several months ago and said it was a common problem. Since those programs have no use to me I consider them a serious virus/worm/bug/etc. :a

Same here. I have no use for those programs. Without even knowing it, that app (DLA) must have been doing something in the background. Funny thing is, all my other DVD burners worked fine. The BenQ was where it all started. Now that DLA is gone so is my BSOD issue. I would never have known had it not been for the fact the BenQ didn’t like operating with it.

One thing I noticed - don’t know what it means but…

When the other burners (NEC & TEAC) are being accessed, the computer’s pointer has a disk next to it during the busy time (indicating disc access). With the BenQ, it shows the hour glass instead - like during a normal app startup. Could this be related to the issue? More of a curiosity than a pressing need to know, but I find it interesting anyway.


I had the same problem. Installed Benq burner and although it would burn it would not play and would go to BSOD when a DVD-Video was inserted. I read about DLA being a problem and uninstalled RecordNow and Sonic DLA. Still had the problem. Read about InCD being a problem and realized I had installed it with the Nero that came bundled with my drive. I uninstalled Nero and updated it to the newest version, but without InCD. Also updated my firmware to the newest version. Still had the problem. I contacted Sonic, Nero, and Benq about the problem. Sonics solution finally solved the problem. When uninstalling Sonic DLA, a lot of the files are left on the computer. They sent me instructions to manually uninstall and do a clean install and that finally fixed the problem. Now Sonic DLA and my Benq 1640 are getting along quite well, although I keep the DLA disabled until I need it. Hope the info helps the next person that runs into this problem.