1640 cant burn Verbatim DL

Hi, I’m a noob here seeking advice.

I’ve successfully burned dozens of Verbatim 16x DVD+Rs (MCC 004 Supported) and Ritek 8x DVD-Rs (RITEKG 05 Supported) on my BenQ 1640 drive, but I’m having great difficulty getting a successful burn of Verbatim 6x DVD+R DL discs (MKM 001, Media Table Un-Known).

2.4 GHz P4, Win XP SP2, Nero 6.6
BenQ 1640 OEM, firmware BSOB, manufactured Aug 2005 in China
Media: Verbatim 6x DVD+R DL (QSuite 2.1 reports Manufacture ID MKM, Media Type 001, Media Table Un-Known)
WOPC: enable; Overspeed: disable; Solid Burn: Un-Known Disc Activated, Supported Disc: Non-Activated (thus I believe Solid Burn is Activated)

Attached is a quality scan of the media from QSuite 2.1

I’d appreciate any advice on whether I have a bad drive (weren’t there problems with some 1640s from China) or a bad batch of media, I’d rather not waste any more money on a different brand of expensive DL discs to test. Or could it be that the single layer discs I have successfully used are “supported”, but the DL discs have an unknown media table, so there is a problem when Soild Burn is activated?

Also despite several unsuccessful burns in Nero, the drive doesn’t seem to “learn” any media, the “media information” area remains empty in the QSuite EEPROM Clean Tool (found under the Solidburn tab).

quality scan

The learning feature is not for DL media.
The MKM001 media is overspeed-able up to 8x with the right burner/firmware combination.

Using Nero for DL media is not recommended, better use ImgBurn.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I upgraded from Nero => I now I can burn my Verbatim 6x DL media at 8x, no prob!!