1640 Can Not Upgrade Firmware


I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my 1640 drive on a Windows ME machine.

On launching the upgrade I get an error telling me that can not upgrade the firmware on this drive.

Any ideas ?

[ I think it may be that the s/w does not work on ME ]



Are you sure to use the correct firmware for your model?


You can try Quikee’s BQFlasher.

If everything else fails use TDB’s DOZE firmware flasher (BENQCVT.EXE) and latest 1640 firmware (BSLB.CVT)
Note. you have to boot into real dos mode.

Please, read the read-me file(-s) carefully before you begin. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is the correct firmware… downloaded from BenQ website.

I currently have the Firwmare (BSJB) Release Date: 22-Jul-2005.

Is it worth me finding an answer to this problem ? Will the new firmware give me major advantages or just a few tweaks ?


If you are thinking of using Qsuite I would tend to think it would be in you best intrest to upgrade to BSLB.

Is the drive empty? kill your other processes?. Benq updates are as easy as they come. Click program, wait a minute or two, End of story.

Ohh, Windows ME! Well it is getting close to Halloween/All Saints Day. Monsters do come out this time of the year. :slight_smile:
I agree with the above that the drive is probably tied up with another process. Have you tried rebooting and then flashing?

do they still make ME :eek:

Thanks for all the tips. I will try again.

Another good reason to move from ME is that QSuite does not work on ME…