1640 burn looks okay, but freezes in player

This scan looked good untl the very end (I was watching DVDspeed scan it). The PIE errors were under 100 until the last little section and the PIFs are in good order. My friend says this froze after two minutes of playing and then kept freezing then skipping forward then freezing and skipping forward all the way through the disk.

I have notice mroe and more that my burns are fine until near the end and then the PIE’s jump and there is a a lot of garbled graph marks. What would cause this? The PIF numbers are still low, though.

any thoughts. I know it’s not the greatest media, but it should be playable, or am I wrong?

You probably use media with faked code.

What’s the brand your using.

Use better media.

look at the scans with my 1655that I just bought (under 1655 s/l scans). i think it’s the drive. I am RMA-ing it.

Unfortunately, quality scans are not 100% reliable at indicating whether a disc will playback well on a settop player. There are factors at work which are not shown on a quality scan. The only way to be certain that a given disc will playback well on a given settop player is to WATCH the movie played back on that player. I could show you scans that look a good deal better than yours which would not playback successfully for me. Conversely, I could show you scans which look a fair bit worse than yours, but which will playback with no problems on several different settop players.

This does not mean that quality scans are of no value, just that you cannot rely on quality scans alone. And let me add that I would never trust a disc where the quality scan showed greater than 13,000 PI Failures. That is not a good burn!

Hi ricobico

What speed do you burned this disc? And what settings of WOPC, SB, and OS?

I would fuzz ot the name in the image, rules and all. I have to agree with Henry, I have tried different media and have found some of my familys’ player will play some media and not others and so I tend to have to have a number of different media in for this and write the names of whoes players work with what media on the cake boxes.

thanks. i will see if that’s it. I think that my 1640 was bad and making bad burns - I think something happened during a firmware upgrade, Anyhow, the 1655 seems to be burning fair, although not as good as I would have thought with Verbatim 16x -R’s, but it’ll do… The 1640 is RMA’d and on it’ way back to BenQ.


What brand are you using? TTH02 is used on alot of 16x fake discs.

It is the TDK brand bought from supermediastore.com

By the way - This disk played flawlessly in my Pioneer lasrt night.