1640 BSMB w/ Yuden000 T03

  • disappointingly, perhaps mostly of interest to speed freaks . . .

Plextor brand:

WOPC off; Solidburn n/a [for supported media]

shoarthing, thanks for sharing the scan.

Actually is not that bad, although PIE errors is a little high compared to MCC04 or even YUDEN000T02 @16x, but PIF errors is standard for 16x burns on BenQ due to the reported PIF spikes around 3-4GB.

I’ve seen YSS tests on T03 and the scans look similar to above.

Thanks for the scan shoarthing. :wink:
@zevia. Not bad I guess but I was hoping that it was YSS’s Panasonic or what ever burner he used, (can’t remember) that didn’t burn it so well.

Yes; I find the disk quality a bit disappointing [tho’ the speed is remarkable]: TA test snaps in inner/mid/outer order, scanned w/ a 716 f/w 109 - have posted scans from this buning the same media in the Plextor forum.

I don’t love to see a scan of a 12X burn… that way we can really see the quality of this media without the BenQ toothbrush effect!

My toothbrush doesn’t look like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’d like to see a 12x burn too. :slight_smile:

98 Quality Score!

Where are you people buying these discs? I would love to get some.

It looks to me like T03 either needs some work at TYs end… or better write strategies/firmware support. Same thing goes for TYG03.

It seems like neither are comparable to their 8X counterparts.

AFAIK only in Japan (That’s brand) and EU (Plextor brand) at the moment.

IIRC from the Australian media deals thread in the Bargain Basement forum, they already have OEM (unbranded) YUDEN000 T03.

WOPC on; Solidburn n/a [for supported media]; in the same [retail] 1640

Different spindle [all scans from the first similar to the one posted above]

In the UK, SVP Communications have these under the Plextor brand £15.50 for 50 discs.

We have full face printable from www.jpldisplays.com.au , they’re not listed as OEM though. Same for TYG03.

In europe not only plextor branded, also unbranded like the silver shinys and printables. :wink:

I also got some of these dics.
Look really nice : Gooldie looks! :smiley:
I did a Qscan first but the burner totally locked after some minutes! had to reset the PC to get it back alive.

My 1st burn @16x with IMGBurn
WOPC: on
Solid Burn: on

I’ll burn some more soon.

Here is the 2nd burn

PIE values are nice
PIF could be better

I have problems with burning the TY03 DVD-R media with BenQ. Freezes when play on DVD player. throughout the whole disc there are parts that freezes and if anyone knows why? Is it the BenQ drive that doesn’t burn great on DVD-R or its the media.

Please advise.

beijert, can you do a 12x burn and post the scan?