1640 Booktype DVD-ROM not working?

everytime I set booktype for all media to DVD-ROM from qsuite I end up with the first file on disc unreadable. I am trying to burn a few avi files to a DVD+R but for some reason the disc endup with a bad first file. if I leave the booktype as it is DVD+R if burns fine.
should I try to change it from nero? or it will be the same as qsuite?
the media I used is LG (infodisc-r20). it’s the only media I can get my hands on for the time being and maybe samsung. both in dvd+r and dvd-r.

need some advice please and sorry if I sound like a newb cause I am. :sad:

On my 1640 booktype ROM for all DVD +r was default setting, and I don’t need to change with Qsuite. If Qsuite give you problems, try to uninstall and reinstall.

Anyway, these are not so good media; it is possible that this is a media issue, and not a booktype issue. Try to find better media such taiyo yuden, verbatim or ricoh (in my experience the best media with this burner).

I get excellent quality from InfomeR20 +R media. What burn speed are you using? I was under the impression that infomedia/infodisc/infome are all the same, but then again…

Anyway, try burning at 4x. If you set the booktype in Qsuite, then that is the global setting.

I don’t mind the quality. I just want to set the type to DVD-ROM but the disc is always unreadable if I do set it to DVD-ROM. If I leave it at default DVD+R it works just fine.

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Qsuite?

QSuite is not setting the booktype to DVD-rom I am using Taiyo Yuden media and it is not working . The rest of QWSuite is working but the booktype is not.

tried Quikee’s WOPC tool yet? i like the beta 1.3.0, YMMV

Hi :slight_smile:
Works for me.

Handyman03 and alan1476:

You can also check and change with Nero CD-DVD Speed - Extra - Bitsetting. :wink:

I only have the oem version of Nero and I don’t think it has that option. Do you think it could be because I didn’t set a region on the drive that this is happening?

Hi :slight_smile:
To set or not to set region?
In my experience this has no affect on bitsetting.
You can d/l CDSpeed 4.01 from here
or pm me & I’ll email you 4.07.

you can set booktype with DVD Decrypter as well…

Okay. The booktype setting worked with Nero 4.07. Does Nero have to be open for it to work and do you have to set before every burn or will it stay active even after a reboot?

Nope, it is saved in the drive’s memory.

Hi :slight_smile:
It should keep the setting. Until you change the drive ( that said when I’ve crossflashed, so technically changed drive the settings remained).
No Nero does not have to be open.
Zevia has answered why it stays when crossflashing.

(P.S. got your email,thanks. Anytime I can help,drop me a line.)

I didn’t say I can’t change the booktype, I can change it just fine with either qsuite or nero cd speed. it’s just that when I set it to DVD-ROM for DVD+R media I end up with a bad disc.

Hi :slight_smile:
Could be your media.
I experience no problems.

I set the booktype to DVD-ROM for this disc and it became unreadable.
otherwise if I leave to it’s physical type I would not have any problems.
can some media like or dislike setting the booktype?

What brand of discs are you using? Your disc is unknown. Could it be just crappy media :wink: Infodisc-R20 YMMV

Is this example what it should look like, or should the new setting be DVD-ROM. What you unlined in your post is that the exact setting for DVD-Rom.