1640 and TY Inkjet Printable DVD's

Just set up my Canon MP830 and want to purchase some Taiyo Yuden Inkjet Printables. Need some advice from those that have already been there: Which one of these Inkjet Printables works best for you?

  1. Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R

  2. Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R

  3. Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R

  4. Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R Value Line

Price difference is about $19 US, which is significant, but I am more concerned about a quality burn than a couple of bucks.

To date, I have only burned silver surfaced DVD+R’s (with excellent results), but if the BenQ 1640 does equally well with “-R” then I will go for the less expensive.


Hi bulletx,

I have an MP800 that works great on all flavours of TY printables, white or silver.

If you are demanding on quality scans then go for 8X media. If you are not too unlucky, you can pretty easily get your fair share of QS 99ers burning them at 8X. They also can overburn to 12X with still good quality.

+R produce less PIE (like 10 000 for a fairly good batch vs 50000 voth -R) but more PIF (200 vs 100 in the same condition)

OTH, it is very difficult have more than 97 at QS with TY 16X media at all speeds, even the lowest possible. I think both burners and dye formulation or manufacturing process for the T03 and G03 could use some more improvements.

My 2 cents…

edit : Value lines as such are not available where I live but I came across TY disks repacked in 10 or 25-boxes. They are awful : dust and scratches all over the place. Go for 100-packsT (they are more likely to come straight from the plant) or jewel cases.


Thanks for the info. Seems that the burn quality differences between +R and -R are small. I have decided against the Value Line for printable discs, even though SuperMediaStore has them for ~$27 US per 100 currently! Probably will get the 8x DVD-R’s from Rima for $39 per 100. Shipping is a little less with Rima too. I’d rather pay a little more up front than hassle with returning discs later if they are bad.

Do you know why the -R discs are considerably less expensive? (TY 8x DVD+R $58 per 100 vs. TY 8x DVD-R $39 at Rima, not including shipping) Is it demand for +R that drives up their cost, a more expensive manufacturing process, or just marketing hype?

You said you have used your MP800 to print on [U][B]silver[/B][/U] discs. I take it that these are the inkjet silver printables. How was the quality or the printing and how long did it take to dry? Is the ink more likely to smudge off on the silver discs than on the “white” printable discs? When would you prefer using a silver printable over a white printable disc, ie is the silver better for certain types of tasks?


I don’t know why, but all the sites that sell media
seem to push the “-R” discs, and at lower prices.
I ignore them and buy “+R”. :bigsmile:

lol, why?? TYG02 is very good isnt it?? At SPV the +r 8x TY discs are only 4 dollars or so cheaper.

x16 T03 has only recently become available at Rima. x8 T02 has been the high end +R for TY… x16 G03 has been available for at least a year.

I’ve been buying the x8 +R printable from Rima which has worked well. The G02 has been ok, but recently much cheaper… G03 I’ve had poor luck with my 1640. Now that x16 T03 is finally available, I am hoping that the T02 start to come down in price.