1640 and mcc004



I bought a few 50pk spindles of Verbatim 16x dvd+R from a store as they were on sale. This has always been a top tier brand in my mind, but since Ive started to burn them (at mostly 12x a couple a 16x for kicks), they have been giving me not so nice cdspeed quality scans.
Even quite a few have gotten to the 70-80% quality read progress mark, and produced a “No Sense Additional Information” error message.
The media ID is still MCC004, and the 1640 firmware Ive used has been BSMB and BSOB with identical results.
Am I missing something, or does the drive just not like these discs? Something else maybe?
Thanks for any forthcoming ideas.


Have you enabled smart burn? With older firmwares (BEGB/BSLB) i’ve had similar burns with wopc on or off, and with sb on or off. But now that i’ve tried BSPB my sb off burn was terrible, but with sb (for known media) turned on, the first burn there after was great.


[B]SolidBurn[/B], I hope. :smiley:
Part of QSuite. Read manual to get more insight.

From time to time you also might clean out eeprom if you get bad results or change batch.

[I]Note, link to QSuite manual originally provided by zebadee.[/I] :wink:


I dont know what solidburn or smartburn is? How do I enable them?
My last 1620 never need that.


Your 1620 doesn’t have it, it was introduced with BenQ 1640 drives.

boobytrap, if you don’t know what it is… then I suggest you to read around because we have quite many threads on this subject. :slight_smile:

BTW, SmartBurn is used by Lite-On drives.


Which one smartburn or solidburn? You cant tell what it is? As far as I can tell there is no smartburn for Benq drives. Only Liteon.


Solid-burn! LMAO why did i say smartburn. Thx pinto2 heh. Benq’s solidburn is like the learning feature of Lite-on burners. By default Benq has the feature disabled on known media but you can enable it using qsuite as per pinto’s instructions.


I did it already thanks. Basically you just insert the media in question, with qsuite on then once it sees the media you jsut turn on solid burn, then select to leave it on all the time or once you reboot (whatever your preference).Correct?


You don’t even have to insert any media. Just enable it through QSuite. It’ll do the rest when you burn your next disc.


MCC 004 work beautifully with firmware BSOB and both Solid Burn and WOPC enabled via QSuite 2.1 :smiley: :


BenQ 1640 at BSOB
Verbatim DVD+R
Media ID Code: MCC 004

Burned At 8x with DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 and ImgBurn v1.3


I know that the verbatim discs are good, thats not what was concerning me. :rolleyes:


boobytrap: the drive really likes MCC004 and it can burn nicely at 12x. Can you post a scan to illustrate your concern?


Well , I’ve had nothing but good luck with MCC004 and BSPB firmware!

I bought 2 25packs about two months ago and I’ve tried LB, OB and now PB with it.
I got 97s with default LB and OB , 99s if I changed the strategy to TY T03 but now default PB gives me 99s :smiley:

Settings are always
SB: On for known and unknown
OS: Off
All discs are burned are 12x

I would upload some scans but I didn’t save them and I gave the discs to a friend. Maybe later when I burn something new :slight_smile:


My 1640 loves them, too. I get similar scans with BSPB, won’t buy other media ;).

WOPC on, SB on for all media, I burn all @12x, MCC004 made in India.


Theres no pic to illustrate the concern I have. I was failing half way through the quality reads, so a pciture isnt really necessary for that.
And to the other posts: Again, I know the mcc004 are good media, that wasnt the issue.