1640 and Linux problems



I know I shouldn’t have any problems, but I have some :slight_smile: If I try to erase a DVD+RW in my Plextor drive with k3b, it just ejects it and prompts me to insert a media.
This problem occurs on linux, not on windows!


I assume you’re on a 2.6 kernel, you don’t have ide_scsi loaded (kernel module), you’re using ide_cd and have the latest cdrdao. If so, then your Plextor is likely using some nonstandard call.


Hmm, i’m using a 2.6.12 kernel, not sure about the kernel module, i’ll check that when i’m home. cdrdao is the version that ships with ubuntu breezy, should be fairly current. I just want to know whether the 1640 performs better than the Plextor before buying the thing :slight_smile:


Sorry, I can’t help you there. Never had a Plextor.