1640 - 99 Quality Score on RitekG04

Who has ever had a 99 Quality Score with RitekG04?
BenQ DW1640 BSLB, WOPC off, Solid Burn Off, 8x burn, Max Scan.
I’ve also included an old scan with WOPC and Solid Burn On.
This media seems to burn much better with them off… No?

It does look better. Did you do more than one burn @ those settings? If so, are the results consistent? If not, it may just be media variation.

Actually, Solid Burn was On. You can’t turn it off with OverSpeed enabled…
WOPC was off for the 1st burn and on for the 2nd. Both were Solid Burned,
since Over Speed requires it. I will try another 8x burn with WOPC off, and
see if the results are still as good. It’s the best Score I’ve seen. Yuden t02
and MCC 004 burn with 95-97 mostly. Occasionally 98. Higher PIF max, but
lower PIE Max… So, it’s a trade-off.

Solid Burn limits the drive to 4x on this media, with WOPC Off and Over Speed
On. :frowning: It supports up to 16x, but the drive stayed right at 4x with WOPC off.
It’s faster with WOPC on, but the errors are higher. I didn’t check speed last
time, I let it burn while I slept, and closed ImgBurn without looking at the log.
Still, it’s a better score and scan than other burns on RitekG04.

Here’s a new scan with RitekG04, 8x burn, limited to 4x by Solid Burn, WOPC is
off. This one has a score of 98, but the PIE max and average seems a bit high.
What are your thoughts? Does this look like a 98-quality burn?

Most of us scan at 8x with the 1640, so thats pretty damn good. That last scan has some wild jitter fluctuations near the end, but otherwise a good burn. Try 8x with SB off, wopc/off again, see if you get results like the first scan you showed. Personally I keep wopc/SB off. :slight_smile:

“Try 8x with SB off, wopc/off again, see if you get results like the first scan you showed. Personally I keep wopc/SB off.”

How do you turn both off? When I turned off SB, it disabled Over Speed so I can’t do 8x burns on these 4x discs any more… The last burn wasn’t good, IMO. It skipped and locked up near the end when I tested it in a Samsung combo player - the most picky machine I have. It plays fine in my computer, but it will mess up in picky machines.

I can’t figure out how to repeat the results from my first burn. Maybe that was just
a fluke. Every burn since then has had huge PIE spikes at the middle or end. I tried
two with ImgBurn and they were horrible. The second’s even worse than the last. A
PIE max 244, PIE avg 99.34, PIF max 8, and PIF avg 0.37. Quality Score 95!?! Scan
at Max Speed. Maybe Decrypter burns better than ImgBurn? I can’t remember which
I used for the first. The two bad ones, I know used ImgBurn. Does anyone else have
some good 1640 scans on RitekG04? Thanks.

Look closer at the first scan you posted, it shows 4x speed. This sometimes happens when you leave cdspeed set to maximum, so select 8x manually. The 4x read speed is probably why you got such a good result, try rescanning the same disc.

I think ImgBurn is the problem. I tried again with Decrypter and
the result was much better. Not as good as the first one, but better by
far than the ones with ImgBurn. 97 quality score. PIE max 20. PIE avg
5.30. PIF max 6. PIF avg 0.08. That first disc must have been a fluke.
The best disc in the spindle. And you can’t burn at 8x with SB off and
WOPC off, because SB is required for OverSpeed.

SB/off, WOPC/off, OverSpeed/off, max burn (4x), max scan.

“The 4x read speed is probably why you got such a good result, try
rescanning the same disc.”

I scanned that disc a couple times to make sure it was right. Here’s
another scan at Max Speed. 99 score. Almost indistinguishable.

Note: Max speed is actually 8x for some reason. I can select 12x and 16x, but
16x noticeably spikes errors at the end. Up to 12x seems reliable.

Max speed is usually 8x, but sometimes it’ll run at 4x (like in your first scan). That’s why it’s better to set it to 8x manually.

wow, I didn’t see that. I bet a lot of my T02’s would be 99 if I scanned at 4x :slight_smile:

Here’s a scan from a 4X burn on my 1620, WOPC off:

Yeah, but my 8x scan was also 99. I have never seen 99 from T02’s before.
The best I got was 95-97, mostly. Occasionally 98. Same for MCC 004. The
surprise is that ImgBurn makes coasters with WOPC off. While DVDD cranks
out 97-99% quality burns with the same settings.

Hey pork chop. Save your images as PNG’s not JPG’s. The quality will be much higher (because its lossless) and the size will be smaller.

I do now, but that one was done in August before I started doing so. The program authors appear to use a terrible JPEG algorithm.