1640/164B/QSuite Manual

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This may be of use to some of you.
Get it here.

I ended up with a Quck Start Guide, not a Qsuite Guide.
The page seems still under preparation.

Stupid question… what to choose? Did you say manual… j/k :bigsmile:

Keep us posted when the manual is ready. :slight_smile:

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Try this.
The original link, first post this thread gives you further links to.
QSuite manual(see pic # 1)
1640 manual (see pic #2) The software guide is only really applicable if you have BenQ s/w cd.Hardware installation guide useful for jumper/master/slave settings for newbies.
164B manual(see pic #3) Again the software guide. External USB2.0 DVD ReWriter Quick Start Guide.

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This link works.

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QSuite Guide All Languages.

Many thanks zebadee.

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Thanks for the links zebadee. :bow: Well done. :clap:

Now we just have to hope BenQ will improve QSuite’s compatibility for folks with nVidia mobos.

“QSuite Guide All Languages”, why is my language (swe…) missing. :frowning: j/k
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