163D Speed Slow Down

My 1st post here and I was wondering if other owners of 163D are experiencing the same thing. I ran Nero CD Speed on a newly purchased 163D and noticed a sudden drop off in read speed mid way through a 700MB CDR. The read speed had steadily climbed from initially 22x to around 41x before dropping down to 11x. It then climbed back up a bit to 26x and then dropped off again.

Tried other CD’s on 163D and the same exact thing happened. No read speed problems whatsoever with 40125W.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

I’ve noticed this problem with most CD-R discs if they are not perfect in quality (like low quality discs or written at higher speeds than what they are certified for and such).

In general I find the Lite-On DVD-ROM’s pickier than the CD-RW drives when it comes to decrease the reading speed.

My own 163D will do this on some discs but not all. I attribute it to the disc. It really doesn’t care much for CDRW discs at all. apparently this drive is less able to deal with damaged discs or data than some. It’s important to note that the error rate is lower on this drive, maybe these 2 things are connected?

what do you mean error rate is lower on the LTD 163…rdgrimes

The reviews that I have seen onthe LiteOn drives indicate that while they tend to slow more for errors or damage than other drives, the error rates are also lower than other drives on the same discs.

While OI agree it slows down for errors…I see read slowdowns on all my disc at about 60% read point…also it will then speed up and slowdown at the end of disc…

I find more errors and in different places after several reads of same disc by the ltd 163 vs liteon 48125W