163D doesn't read CDRs as good as 48125W

I recently bought the 2 drives in the subject line…

Scanning cdr burned with the 48125w with cdspeed shows green sectors and passed file integrity tests.

Scanning same cdr with the 163d will show intermittent yellow sectors… sometimes a re-scan makes these sectors turn green a second time around.

Why is this behavior occuring?

A file integrity scan indicates all is well even on the discs with yellow sectors. I don’t know what to think. It even picked up a yellow on an older 4x burned disc done by a different drive.

I’m thinking the 163d doesn’t read as well as the writer does.

CD-RW drives usually read CD-R and CD-RW media better than other drives.

I had a 48125W as an o/ced 40125S and i found my LTD 163 was a more sensitive reader for errors than the cdrw…

Now with my 52246S is a very sensitive reader even more so than the LTD 163…it reads errors that the LTD 163 does not…I should note my NOLF 2 original read by both drives has some errors on scandisc…so I believe these errors are not a big issue so long as there are no unreadable sectors except those produced by protections ie SD2