1635S with TY (YUDEN000 T02) media

I know this media is rated 8x, or at least that’s how RIMA sells it, but I have an NEC 3550A at work and using the stock NEC firmware, 1.05, it burns it at 16x. My 1635S, with the latest LiteOn firmware, won’t go past 8x. I know it’s reliable at 16x as I did a disc quality check with the NEC and got a 97 score.

Does LiteOn err on the side of caution here ?? I trust that once Omnipatcher works for the 1635S that 16x (and 12x) will be an option for this media or can this drive simply not reliably do this ?? Of course, no one knows, outside of LiteOn, at this point, do they ??

Er, not actually. If the sold media is rated 8x, there is no error on Lite-ON’s side of the problem. You can still modify the firmware by Omnipatcher - set the max burning rate for YUDEN000T02 to 16x and check how is it going to manage.
Writing quality depends quite much on the drive, and I’m afraid that getting a score of 97 will be hard with the Lite-ON drive. Besides, all the NEC drives are poor scanners.

I’m only referring to LiteOn’s stock firmware in that they honor the rated speed of the media. The stock firmware for the NEC burns it at 16x though. Again, I’m not critical of LiteOn for doing this.

Can you tell me how to use Omnipatcher on my 1635S drive to do this ? I’m sure myself and MANY others would love to know. Omnipatcher doesn’t support the 5S and 6S drives yet…

I guess we have to save our TY T-02 media for our NEC 3540’s and burn genuine 16X media in these new Liteon’s until OP is supported! :slight_smile: