1635s scans

couldn’t find a thread for such scans, so I thought I’d create one. if there is one, I hope the mods will forgive me and merge my posts

so on good media the 1635 does a great job, but on crappy media, it’s still not as good as a good burner, like the plex 716a. notice the lack of the pif spike on the 716a burn of the AML media but a pif spike of 8 at the end on the 1635s burn of the same media

What f/w versions have you tried. What do the transfer rate scans look like.


I’ve only used the YS0N firmware.
the first transfer test is from the 1635 burn, the 2nd is from the 716 burn.
and yes, they are two different discs, surprisingly. the only difference of note is the lower random seek times from the 716 burn