1635s Or 1693? Which would you buy?

I have the chance to purchase either of these units at Officemax with a gift
card I recieved when my 1633 bit the dust and I was wondering which is the better burner? I already have a 1673@1693 but I have no experience with the
1635s so anybody out there that has both drives please help me out here. I wish they had a Benq 1640 at Omax, I have been dieing to try one out.

I would go for the 1635 because … I already have a 1693S and a Philips 1648P1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody out there wants to speak in the behalf of the Liteon 1635s? Maybe I’ll wait till friday and see if the prices drop at all.

i’m confused myself

Don’t be confused!!! The 1693S is a great drive, but the one OC-Freak received was defective!!!

Based on everything I have read here, and I was looking for a reason to add a 1635, I decided to stay with my 1693. The 1635 still seems to have RW problems and slightly higher PIE/PIF totals at the edge of the disc.

I own both the 1693 (for some time) and the 1635 (only for a few days). They seem more similar than dissimilar at this point in time. I would say the biggest difference right now is that there is no modded firmware for the 1635, and there may not be for a while. If you already have a 1673/1693, then buy the 1635. In the future, it should become a better drive, as the firmware improves.

Thanks, I just got back from Omax with the 1635 about 20 minutes ago. It has the YS08
firmware. I may upgrade the firmware after a few burns to see how it compares to my
1693 first.

I would also agree with Henry. My guess is that the 1635 will surpass the 1693 after the pros get started modding the firmware.

Well I think The 1635s I bought is going back, terrible burns, so far 4 burns with T02’s
and all were ugly, about 3000 pifs per disk, my 1693 averages about 75 - 200. I hope I
get a better one when I bring it back.

Sorry to hear that. No question something is wrong. YUDEN000 T02s should be near perfect in just about any newer drive and I think the review of the 1635 showed a very good burn for them as well.

I just tried burning some verbs just to see what happens, same crappy burns as the T02’s. Just packed it back in the box and ready to take it back. I hope they have more in stock, That work that is.

Just finished a first round trip (see post in italian section), 1635 till now seems to be the best!!

Picked up my replacement 1635s. Burns better but not to the level of my 1693.
I will post the first 3 scans later on.

Here are the first 3 scans from my 1635s, still kind of a disappointment. Maybe it will get better. I hope so.

I didn’t know wwere put them, so here we are…

Now I still have to test new f/w


Here again, if you want you can also give a look hereOther scans