1635S equal 160P6S?

Happy new yeay to all members

I bought a liteon drive DVD-RW 1635S
and I receive a drive SHW - 160P6S
is it the same ?

Can I flash it with 1635S firmware ?

Thanks for your help.

No it’s not the same drive, and no you cannot flash it with 1635S firmware.

The 160P6S has specifications that at least matches the 1635S and is one generation newer. Which of the two drives that is the “better” drive remains to be seen - I haven’t seen any review of the 6S series drives yet.

The major difference on the 6S is that it has 2MB of memory for Firmware.
The 5S only has 1MB. The 5S series had a very short life-cycle. Stay with the 6S series…