1635 my best scan, what do you think?

This is what I think is my best scan ever, interested what the experts here think?

That’s a pretty amazing PIF result. :slight_smile:


But it looks strange. The PIE errors are way too high for a PIF that low.
I don’t have the drive so I might missed something. :slight_smile:

lol… 2?? haha wow.

I have seen mixed reveiws for this drive but I have no problems, the disc was a TDK branded TYG02 50 pack that has been the best spindel of TY I have ever used, almost all my burns score 98 on quality.
I also get excellent burns with 16X verbs but mostly 95 scores. Funny thing I used to get a spike up on both PIF and PIE toward the end of the disc at 16X but now my burner slows down toward the end and the levels stay even.(used to burn in a little over 6 mins now takes almost 8 mins) I am guessing this is the learned media feature at work??? Am I correct in this assumption??
Codeking, is there any progress with hacking the firmware for this drive? I would love to burn one of my TYG02’s at 12X and 16X and see how they do.

I am no expert but average of 11 does not seem high to me. I have many other scans with 98 scores with only a few more PIF’s then this one. Here is another example.

Considering the low PIF the PIs seem very hi. I usually have an average PI around 0.3~0.6 3,000~6000 total. PIF average 0.0 with around 25~100 total.
A total of 2 is excellent though!

I find most drives that I try to burn with TYG02 have a similarly odd ratio of PIE/PIF. I get very low PIF on most burners along with very high PIE. As I consider both totals when I look for quality, I always wind up burning all my TYG02 at 4X. The only drives I have found so far that will give a low PIE as well are LGs at 4X.

I did just see a scan of a TYG02 on an NEC 4550 that looked very close to what I usually see with +R TY so there is hope yet.