1635 drive - dead or can it be saved?

We rec’d (4) LiteOn 1635 drives yesterday and they’re all working fine except mine… About the first time I went to use it, when I touched the eject button, I got a really STRONG static shock. It was one where a co-worker across the room heard the -snap- sound. It also tingled up my arm like you’d get from 120v or so (wall outlet).

The BIOS, Windows, Nero, etc, etc all recognize the drive (verified before the shock incident). Any discs that I insert though respond very, very slowly when using Explorer to navigate around them. Running, or attempting to run, any programs (install programs, for example), result in “The file … is not a valid Win32 program”.

I’ve attached the results from Nero’s Infotool as well as screenshots, with brief explanations, of what happens when using different flash utilities and so on.

If the drive can be re-flashed and saved, I want to try that first. At some point today though, my co-worker will be generating an RMA to Newegg for this.

Added: By the way, I don’t have a floppy drive so using ‘mtkflash’ isn’t a possibility at this point. I’m trying to use my usb key though but can’t find DOS boot images…

Don’t want to seem like I was impatient, but the drive is packaged up and heading back to Newegg. My last resort was using my USB key to boot DOS and try mtkflash. Turns out my PC won’t boot from a USB drive.