1633SX internal (with enclosure) or external?

I found a small pict with the box of the LiteOn 1633Sx at very good price (under £60!). They say is extrernal drive. Is an internal one with enclosure or a true USB external?
How’s working? Please help!

It is actually a 1633S internal drive with an external enclosure. It’s nice though, matches the drive cosmetically, so it actually looks as if its one piece. Only thing I wish it had was a firewire interface. :sad:

any idea of the speed?
can u burn 8x at least?

Hi, I have a 1633SX Usb and I am generally pleased with it. Its a bit fickle with some media. My one does not like copying audio cds though. Here is the spec from the manual if it helps.

The fastest DVD recording technology, 16x DVD+R burning, has been
implemented into LITE-ON IT new external DVD Dual drive with USB 2.0
interface : SOHW-1633SX. This DVD Dual Drive can write single-layer
DVD+R at 16x maximum, write DVD-R media at 8x maximum, rewrite
DVD+RW or DVD-RW media at 4x, and read DVD-ROM media at 16x
maximum. It takes around 6 minutes to backup 4.7 GB data on a certified
single-layer DVD+R media at 16x. SOHW-1633SX also supports DVD+R DL
Double Layer burning at 2.4x. You may record 8.5 GB data or 4-hour DVDquality video on one DVD+R DL disc, with double recordable capacity than
previous single-layer DVD+R disc ( 4.7 GB, 2-hour DVD Video ). You don’t
need to prepare 2 blank DVD+R discs to backup the same-size contents. The
DVD Video playback of DVD+R DL discs is workable on current DVD-ROM
drives & DVD players.

LITE-ON IT external DVD Dual Drive, with smaller dimensions W x H x D =
165 x 58 x 192 mm, is easy to be carried. It can save you a lot of time and
trouble for data storage. This drive is not only a DVD ReWriter but also an
Ultra-Speed CD-RW drive. It can write CD-R media at 48x maximum, rewrite
Ultra-Speed CD-RW media at 24x maximum, and read CD-ROM media at 48x
maximum. SOHW-1633SX has the best CD-R writing performance in the
current market of 16x DVD ReWriters. No matter what you want to backup
important or personal data from ( digital still camera, digital video camcorder,
TV…etc), SOHW-1633SX is your best choice for recording large volumes of
DVD audio & video.

An amazing LITE-ON IT external DVD Dual Drive with multiple functions can meet your desires for DVD title creating and multimedia applications on notebooks / PCs. Built-in SMART-BURN technology provides Buffer Under Run Free function and great media compatibility for high-speed writing DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / CD-R / CD-RW media. Innovative SMART-X technology provides smooth & stable Audio CD / VCD / DVD playback and high-performance DAE / VCD / DVD data extraction. 2 MB buffer memory is available for stable DVD recording. Power saving function is also ready.