1633s, Worst drive ever?

I’ve seen others here having problems with this thing, but I can almost not get it to work at all. Doesn’t read ANY of it’s own burns and no DVD burns from other drives. CD funtionality seems to be ok, but who cares anymore. Tried newest Nero, Alcohol, Magic ISO maker and DVD Decrypter with + and - Verbatiim, Phillips and the media included in the package from Newegg all with the same result, coasters, though a few WILL read in my 411s flashed to 811s (WTF). All apps report burn completed successfully. Flashed firmware twice, including the newest one from codeguys with no improvement. This machine is built on an Abit KR7a Raid, Athlon 2100+, a gig of ram, 4 Maxtor 40’s in raid 0 etc. Never, ever had any problems with ANY other optical drive, including other Lite On drives. Unless someone has a miraculous fix for this, I’m returing it to Newegg and don’t know if I have confidence in Lite On’s products like 'i used to. If this we’re just me I’d think either I had something configured wrong or this specimen is defective, but I’m reading all over the place where guys are having serious issues with this drive. Very disappointing that Lite On would let a half cooked product like this escape their factory.
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Actually alot of people use that drive with no problems with right media.
I think the 811s is the worste ever. But thats because I had two and they both sucked! :eek: :eek: :eek:

OK, but how bout the media they give you with it? Would it seem too much for that to work? I’ve tried DVD discs burned in several drives with 4 different brands of Media now, including theirs, Phillips, TDK, Verbatim, plus and minus. You would think one of them would work. I had no media issues at all with my 411s, before or after I flashed it. I now situations are different for different setups, but this POS is totally usesless to me . I shouldn’t have to shop the world over looking for media that works. Again the discs they included don’t even work. Sorry for the rant, but I had high hopes and plans for this weekend which will not happen now.

dam i had a 811s and i am geting sent to me a Sony DRU-710A (1633s)

i will have no luck ffs and the drive that i had that got wet was a Pioneer

so now i end up with this C**p again ahhhhhh!!!

as ever sc00terx :a :a :Z

It looks like your drive is defective. The 1633s is certainly not the best drive around but it should give you a much better experience than the one you are having. Better return it and try another one.

I’ve had mine now for a week and have not had one coaster yet. If you are not sure about the media, burn it at a slower speed. I copied my Star Trek The Motion Picture on cheap media rated at 8x and burned at 4x and it plays flawlessly.

The 1633S is not a bad drive. It’s certainly better than the 811S and, in my opinion, better than even the 832S/812S. You may have a defective unit–either a hardware defect, or improperly calibrated at the factory (won’t be the first case; C0deKing’s drive turned out to be improperly calibrated at the factory). Have you ruled out other possible problems, such as system setup, etc.?

i had the same problems with my 812s, all progs report burn successful, but 50% of dvd’s not readable at all, and the test with many crc errors…

i got now a 1633, and my 1st burn was great (kprobe below 10 all the way), tomorrow i’ll try another dvd.

so i started to think that liteon release to the markets many defective writers… and it’s my and your luck to get those bad drives… get another one and try again :wink:

OK folks,
On a whim I stuck the drive in another machine and it reads at least two of the discs it wouldn’t in the other machine. Both were ones it burned. And actually reading seems to be the sticky point as further testing shows that most of it’s burns can be read in other devices. The difference I think is the latter machine is running XP and The former was running 2K. You wouldn’t think it should matter, but that sems to be it. Incidentally I ran out and bought a “Pacific Digital” (actually NEC) drive here locally at Sam’s Club and it works flawlessly on the 2K machine that the Lite On wouldn’t. Maybe the 2k MS driver isn’t compatible with the Lite On drive. For anybody who cares, I’ll post back any new findings to help others. Thanks for your guys time so far too BTW.

You’re describing the exact same problem I have, and we’re not a lone. The drive simply fails to read certain discs under specific conditions I have not been able to pinpoint. It could be hardware, software, or the 1633s’ firmware for all I know.

The damn drive works perfectly in the XP machine. Everything it wouldn’t do in the 2K machine it does in the XP machine. The only other difference is the XP machine is intel based. I’ve had numerous other optical drives in numerous other VIA/AMD based machines in the past though with no issues at all. Maybe if I put it back in the 2K machine it will work and only needed to have everything reseated/reinstalled. The NEC ND2500A flashed with the newest custom firmware which kills the the riplock and region coding while making it dual layer is working fine in the 2K machine this very moment.

Checked DMA settings?

Yes I actually did, always enabled and using 80 wire IDE cable though ata33 should be ok which is what 40 wire cables would limit you to. When I get a chance I’m gonna throw it back in the 2K machine and see what happens. Maybe try the other controller too.

you probably just have a bad drive. It happens more with liteons it seems than others. I went through 3 Liteon 832’s before I had one that burned properly. :eek:

But, make sure to use a 80 wire cable so you do get UMA 4 (ATA 66) it does make a difference on the higher speeds. Though I have not gotten my 1633 to do really well much above 8x.

It doesn’t sound like it’s a bad drive because it works perfectly in one computer, but not the other. I have the exact same problem. The problem PC is Intel 845PE based + Windows XP, though I have another machine that is also based on basically the same chipset using Windows 2000 and it works fine.

The drive reads pressed discs as expected and DVD+R better than DVD-R.

Yeah, it’s not the drive itself because it is working like a champ in one of my machines. What’s really outta hand now is this guy is desribing a similar situation, but his does NOT work correctly in his XP/Intel box, but is fine in his 2000 machine which is Intel as well. In my case the intel/XP machine is fine and the AMD/VIA/2000 machine does not even though every other drive I’ve ever used with that board has worked fine. Guess it’s jist wonna them there things :confused:

Have you tried removing the VIA ide drivers?

Seriously. It’s pissing me off to no end, and Lite-On’s ‘support’ is non-existent. Dang if I’ll ever buy another Lite-On drive again. Any good faith they’ve instilled in me from their CD burner days is gone.

On my problem machine, I have tried both Microsoft’s IDE drivers and the Intel Application Accelerator drivers to no avail.

Yeah, I tried to force the stock MS drivers and it still didn’t work. The thing is I’ve had maybe 6 different optical drives in this machine before, including a 411s flashed to an 811s and it worked flawlessly.

Dunno Boss, My wife used the box to send something to her sister so I’m stuck with mine :slight_smile: It does work fine in the machine I have it in now. Maybe further firmware revisions will address these problems or one of our enerprising hackomatic firmware wizards will figure it out.