1633S with Sony BYX4 Firmware = Great Results!

I have two identical LiteOn 1633s drives (work and home) that produce quite different results using the same media. See this thread:

I have been trying some new media at work to try to find some less expensive media that still produce good results. I seemed to be getting mediocre results using Sony 8X media with the burner @ 1653s CSOP, so I decided to try the Sony firmware (DRU-710A @ BYX4) (no eeprom reset). My first burn was decent, and the second burn really good. Same results with RIDATA 8X media. Best results after 2 burns that I have ever produced. Still poor results with Benq (Daxon AZ2) media, however.

I have been getting acceptable, but inconsistent, results using the same Benq media at home. So I decided to flash upgrade from 1633s @ BSOS to Sony DW-D22A (or DRU-710A) BYX4. Immediately I got a great improvement. I’ve attached two Nero scans, burning the same movie, one from the last burn using the 1633s firmware, the other the 3rd burn using the Sony firmware.

The Sony firmware seems to quickly produce good results (even after the 2nd burn) - I am impressed so far. Hopefully the results will not drift as much as the 1633s firmware results did for me.

Anyone else have good luck with the Sony firmware on their 16sss/1653s??

I was about to flash mine, but was wondering if I should just do the 1633@1653 CSOP instead. Looks like you’re results weren’t too shabby, but since these two firmware would be the best ones to compare to, I’m sure they are both rather close. Sony has always been known for quality so I’m sure it slightly edges out the CSOP in terms of results.

I think the Sony produces slightly better results for me. BYX4 also seem to produce good results much quicker than CSOP (2nd burn, as opposed to 3rd or 4th for CSOP). CSOP burns seem to drift - I was getting good results with CSOP (just like the BYX4 above) at first, but they deteriorated over time. I am just hoping that the Sony firmware won’t do this.

Note I also used the eeprom utility (crossflash) to upgrade to a 1653s drive as well as flashing the Sony firmware.

Here are the CSOP vs. BYX4 results that I got. Mind you this media is sucky, but these results are overall pretty good! I’m sure I’d see a greater variation if I gave my TYG02 a chance which I will soon and will upate this thread when I do. Overall, the CSOP is better for me, but it’s only by a slim margin. I’ll probably keep it for now (due to issues getting bitsetting to work properly on the BYX4) until I notice any deterioration like the poster above me mentioned.

Well, BYX4 drifts with this Benq media (Daxon AZ2) just like the CSOP firmware. What I have to do is Reset Learned Media before every burn, and then I get great results like my good scan above.

Anyone know why Learned Media need to be reset before every burn? Is it just because of lower quality media? At work with this same drive, using Verbatim, Sony, and Ridata discs, learned media seems to improve the burns over time…

you can disable the media learning so you don’t have to reset learnt media before every burn, with omnipatcher: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/patchers.html
and the firmware (CSTR): http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html#SOHW-1653S

Keep doing that and you will probably loose your drive someday!!!

Thanks for the advice, chok0 and bichonn! I have about 100 of these Benq discs to use up, so I have reflashed using an omnipatched version of the Sony BYX4 firmware with Learned Media disabled.

I burned 4-5 DVDs, and I thought that I was having a problem with drifting into not-so-great burns, even with Learned Media disabled. However, I discovered the real problem, and learned something new…

I am burning a few backup copies of movies for my daughter to have when away at university. She selected the movies, and then went ahead and pre-labelled a few blank DVDs, using a permanent black marker. Guess what - this is a no-no! Definitely degrades the quality of the burns. I did a quick test on a DVD extensively written on after a burn - no problem doing it that way …

that happen to me some times. if i write something on a disc before burning, the quality was lower. but not with quality media!

Yeah, I would never claim that this stuff was quality media. I am just trying to get rid of it, because it is so fussy (but can produce great burn results when everything is set up perfectly). Right now the local WalMart has 50 Sony D11s for $20Cdn, so I will be switching over to those discs soon. They produce good results on my fussy work burner…


You have done the right thing. Moreover, if you use the same firmware for scanning, you may get even more pronounced differences in PI/PO error counts, as Sony 710A is pickier than LiteOn 1633S in reading at least some discs. If you are interested in more information, read:

[thread=143752]Suitable drive for PI/PO error tests? SONY 710 vs. LITEON 1633[/thread]