1633s w/BS41: 4x = great, 8x = coaster

I just got my 1633 and am using RICOHJPN R01 discs. I created a very slightly modified version of BS41 with OmniPatcher where the only thing I did was check the 8x box in the RICOHJPN R01 options. I didn’t even apply the recommended tweaks.
Burning a DVD at 8x with this fw produces a coaster which the computer does not even reject. The disc spins up and “clicks” every few seconds, and whatever program is “in front” at the moment gets crashed.
On the other hand, burning a 4x disc under these conditions produced a very nearly perfect quality scan according to Kprobe (I can’t be arsed to include it; trust me, it looks good).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish a burn at 8x?

I actually would have liked to apply the recommended tweaks, but when I did so I wasn’t even given the option of doing 4x burns, only 2x and 2.5x. I don’t know why that is.

One thing that I think could help me is that I see in Omnipatcher that the recommended tweaks perform a replacement strategy for RICOHJPN R01 (that is, it has a ! next to it), but I can’t see any way to tell which type of media it has been replaced with. I assume TY, but which one exactly? I read the FAQ (and the thread about strategies) but still could not figure it out.

One other thing is weird: when I load the stock BS41, the “enable auto-bitsetting” box is greyed-out and unavailable. Is this supposed to be the case?

It’s obvious I’m a newbie and unexperienced with OmniPatcher, but any help would be appreciated.

Change the write strategy to R02 for a change since 3s firmware does not accept the speedID byte change because the 8x strat for R01 does not exist.

As to ur strange burn speeds - did u put in the blank disc before selecting the speed? if u didn’t that is what happens.

The autobitsetting is blanked out - this is normal becuase this firmware has PROPER BITSETTING - just use the official bitsetting tool and it will remember even after powerdown