1633S to 1673S at no cost: good idea?

Thanks giucasa and Codeking :wink:
I would try KS04 firmware with my 1673S.
Should I do an EEPROM reset? Is the EEPROM tool compatible with 1673S? :confused:

Hey Codeking a million hugs from me now - the kisses were just for the help - the hus now coz it worked a treat! and its fixed!!!
A million thx again!

first reset learnt media and then flash with 1693s KS04.

Ok, i will post my test soon as possible :slight_smile:

Caro Fuzzone… visto che ormai sei un mostro… Fai una bella traduzione delle istruzioni del “King” e le posti su Hwupdate mel thread giusto… non farlo sempre fare al vecchietto che litiga sempre con l’Inglese.
Guarda che qui non scrivo imparo e basta!!!



Hey CK, thanks a ton. I did use your sites firmware and got a pretty nice first scan from it. I cleared learnt media so, who knows, I might get even better esults in a few scans from now. FYI, here’s my first with BYX3: