1633S to 1673S at no cost: good idea?

Hi! :slight_smile:
I have the possibility to change my 1633S (fully funcional) to a new 1673S gratis!
Would you do this change? :rolleyes:

NOTE: The thread starter is indicating that he has the option to swap his 1633S drive for a new 1673S drive. He is NOT flashing it to a 1673S, because this will NOT WORK.


I suppose :smiley:
Another opinions?

as the 1673s is newer + upgradable to 1693s, i do not think that anybody’s gonna say stay with the 1633s…

change it!

btw: can i have one, too? :wink:

How are you doin it? gutting the drives?


Ok, thanks a lot! :smiley:

Mmh… I tested the 1673S with JS07 Codeguys stock - unscrambled firmware with 2 discs.

First Disc - 8x - Nero

It looks not excellent IMHO :confused:

Second Disc - 8x - Alcohol 120%

Not bad, but not at my 1633S :bow: write quality level:

Please look at PI Erros: with 1633 they are about 1/2 :rolleyes:
I’m not so sure to change my 1633 with 1673 :confused:
Have you any suggestion? CodeKing?

all these are amazing burns, i dont see why wouldnt you want to change

because the best burn is from a 1633s? :wink:


it could be learnt data, immature firmware, drive difference, variation in media etc

if you’re happy then keep it, you wont find BETTER burns than that anywhere, so why even start the thread? i’d change, cause of new features and hopefully better support in the future. Just like has happened with 811/851 - i’m so happy I changed to the latter…

I kept the 1673S :wink:
I hope in new firmwares that improve the writing quality :slight_smile:
I hope in CodeGuys too :bow:

ciaoooo ciaoooo :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Fuzzone segui sempre i CodeGuys :cop:



Hey Fuzzo

If it was me, I would have kept the 1673S as well, but I’ve always been a new better best type of guy. :wink:

Where the 1673S is really shining is with the 1693S firmware KS04. Any chance we could see one of those TY02 discs with this firmware. :slight_smile:

hey i did the same thing with mine and now windows doesnt even recognize the drive - is there anyway i can fix it and turn it back?

No you didn’t. The thread starter swapped his drive for a new drive. He did not crossflash the drive.

This is the procedure I recommend to restore your drive:
1/ create a bootable dos disk. Remove all files except command.com, io.sys and msdos.sys (the system ones)
2/ download mtkflash 1.80 from http://dhc014.rpc1.org/howto.htm
3/ Add MTKFlash.exe to the disk.
4/ Get BS0S.BIN from http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/stock/1633S.BS0S.stock.rar.
5/ Add this to the disk.
6/ Select the jumpers on your drive for master and remove all other drives.
7/ Boot to the floppy while holding the drives eject button.
8/ Type in MTKFlash 3 w /b /m BS0S.BIN. The 3 is secondary master. See the step 2 site for details.

The drive can also have it’s IDE lead plugged in after the boot to DOS if the system hangs during boot up. Make sure you still hold the drives eject button while the drive is powering up. :wink:

I thought I might try the BYX3 firmware with my lite-on 1633 to see if I might get the same results… but I noticed that it’s Sony Firmware. Is it ok to flash my lite-on with the sony firmware?

Or am I asking for problems?

thx for the information ill try it let u know how i go ! many many thx as week greeks say xilia filia or baci mille

No problem. It actually produces very good results and you will find a patched, crossflash, Liteon ID version on my site. :wink: