1633s to 1653, questions and help



well as i am not getting the best results from my 1633s bs41 at anything other then 6x for + but minuses seem to be better for idk what reason but neways

if u have this drive and have crossflashed, are you getting better results at 8x burning?

and how would i crossflash, AND can i always go back from a crossflash easly?


What media are you using? CSTJ seems to be producing some very good results, especially at 8x.

You will find a special crossflash enabled version of CSTJ with LED-Fix (2S style led colors) in [post=887714]this post[/post].


right now i got some cmc, mcc, ty, prodisc media, at 6x they do good but anything besides that coaster time almost all the time

to crossflash do i have to do anything sepcail?

and can i go back if i dont like the results of the other?


on ur website i see the ctsj but not crossflash, but i downloaded ur other one that said crossflasshed pacth applied

my thing is anyway to use omni pacther to change a write strag on that? or shall i try before a write strag change and also anything i need to do to the emmprom?


ok i know this isnt a full dvd but its very good because i finally got a good 8x burn with this drive with this media

:slight_smile: i will burn a fuji (ty) +r here in a minute and then scan that

1633 crossflashed to 1653 ctsj or whatever that one was with the led fix :slight_smile:


fuji ty media burnt at 8x

i gotta say this firmware is the best so far :slight_smile:

CODEKING u r da man


Wow :eek:, two quality scores of 95. I doesn’t get much better than that. :slight_smile:


yea, well i wanna try those at 12x but i cant seem to get omipacther to work, any help, also prodisc wont go higher then 6x, here is that scan too on that media

that cmc mag e01 is crap, i need to change that to prodisc r03 too so anyhelp would be cool

but here 6x prodiscr03


here is CMC MAG e01 burnt at 6x, not the best scan in the world, but until i can change the write strag back to prodiscr03 this will have to do


CMC MAGE01 burns real well using MCC 004 Strat!


well if i CANT change the strat then i cant get it to burn well lol

it burns under prodisc r03 good too

but i am still waiting on the omni patcher to work with this firmware, no hurry tho as i got tons of blank media to use, i can wait to use that crap cmc mag spindle i got


This is just confirm for anyone who is concerned about crossflashing their 1663to1653, C0deKings new Led Firmware works awesome. I like most other people was about to remove my 1633 and use it for a paperweight. I asked a few questions in this forum about firmware and got some very educated help. Decided to use the led-fix CSTJ cf firmware and burned a movie right after flashing and rebooting, Sorry about the plextor scan but I had to go to the Noob forum and ask how to capure and post a scan, So I did a trial run there with the Nero scan which scored 95. Guess you can’t post the same scan twice. The Media is Ritek G05 buned at 8x. Now if C0deKing could make my Nec 3520A led lights turn colours I’d really be impressed. Just kidding of course.
Nero scan http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=891348


LOL, maybe next week :bigsmile:

Nice result :slight_smile:

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Thx for the FYI


codeking, anyidea when u will have the omni pacther ready for this firmware?

thanks :slight_smile:


ok, i was quite amazed at this burn qulity, even tho burnt at 4x as thats what speed media it is, but its cheap vanguard media that wouldnt even read in it before i flashed to 1653 cstj

here it is