1633S should i upgrade?

Im at OG leve F/W with patches from that time with OP… im using richojpn01 and R03 and all burns are going well… im not really one to mess with something if its working but i was wondering if i should upgrade to the latest F/W or even crosspatch to the 1653s? untill i have a need to ill prolly stay where im at but i would like feedback from everyone on their opinions. i can burn a 4.3 gig with imgburn tool for nero on R01s in just under 7 min. and around 7:30 with R03s.

i guess the question is what is the best combo for this drive at the moment? latest firmware? older firmware? cross patching to 1653s?

Check out these threads:

@heywould I feel you have to find what works good for YOUR drive and stay with it. What is good for your drive may not neccessarily work for others, even if they have the same model, as each drive is somewhat unique. Post your best and/or average Kprobe 2.4.2 scan and lets see what quality your 1633 can do. If there is room for improvement I might suggest going for it, but if you are in ‘excellent’ territory, I would recommend relaxing and enjoying it!

thx to both of you… @COde i have read 90% of the posts in the links and got mixed fealings…

@please i have posted 2 scans on 2 different medias on this forum labled 1633s and kprobe question… with those scans and from what you are saying ill just leave my drive be for now… ill check back every so often when i am forced to try different media.

The NEXT 1653S firmware (or the Sony upgrade when it emerges) may be more worthwhile testing than CS02 - at least, thats the impression I come away with - unless you are desperately seeking 4x DL and poor 12x DVD-R, The CS02 is not a good firmware.

I think ill stick with what i got… i dont do DL and i only burn +Rs and i have 150+ left anyway… my current burns look good so, as they say if it aint broke dont fix it…

Well- it seems my CS02 is goin better than the BS0K on mine … experiences vary - encouraged to try it if you wish…