1633s reads incorrect disc size?

new to the forum. looks like a great place. hope to learn a lot here.

ok, the reason i’m posting is that i just d/led and installed the newest firmware from the liteonit.com site, updating the drive to bsos. but now it only reads the capacity on my dvd+r media as 4.438 gig, instead of 4.7 gig. i burned a dvd yesterday, and it read correctly, and now after the reflash, it’s off. and i’m not sure how to roll it back.
thanks in advance for any help.

Hiya yes this is strange, I hadn’t noticed that before, but since I have the same official BSOS f/w downloaded from the Liteon site I thought I’d just take a look and bingo! I have the same problem at least in kprobe2 my 4.7Gb disks show up as only 4.38Gb. Same thing in Smartburn so it has to be a fault with the f/w? Interested to know the answer to this, I haven’t noticed any problems with my recent burns, using BSOS but this does seem real strange!!!

I swear by BSOS f/w for its burn quality so Liteon - what the f**K is going on? I hope the reason its burns have been so good hasn’t got anything to do with the media being shrunk ie not burning to the edges?

this is correct 1 is giga bits and the other is giga bytes.


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i see. thanks very much.