1633s Problem



Ok i got 1633s with BS41 now my first problem is power calibration error on a media type but i think is kinda weird since is a CD-R (B- media type) SONY however i was sort of able to burn my Music CD on a Maxell (A- type) and i say sort of because the whole process went pretty well at 48x with nero 6.6.03 untill it hit 100% my computer FROZE and well at least the screen but my liton on drive led was blinking green and i let it do it for about 2 minutes and then manually reset my pc so… my questions are…

  1. Since in Mexico is hard to find A+ or A- CD-R media im wondering would i be able to burn B- media of some kind? or its just gonna keep saying power calibration error?

  2. Why is my screen freezing when Nero and my Music compilation hit 100% on the nero status bar?

and some of my system specs
Intel Pentium IV 3.0mhz
bus speed 200mhz
Memory 512
HD 120


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Try Nero Also try BS0S. Also make sure your system power supply is a high output good quality unit.


if you have service pack 2 installed be sure you have the latest ver of nero.
the older stuff does not seem to like sp2